Zucchini Soup – an Old Family Favorite

One of the favorites of favorites in our family is the Zucchini Cream Soup. It’s easy. Quick to make. It’s perfect on hot summer days as weel as on cold winter days. (Yeah. I grow tons of them in the garden and put them in the freezer for the winter.) And it’s healthy. I’ve been making this soup for many years. I came up with the recipe one year when I needed a new recipe for zucchinis. Since then I’ve found many different zucchini soup recepies but the’y re different. Mine is very simple, born of the mundane day to day life we’re dealing with, and my desire/demand to cook fast and easy. I’m not going for special tastes or unique ingredients. I cook for 12 and it must be quick, easy and fullfilling. Healthy is a bonus. I thought I’d share anyway, though I don’t and won’t do gastro on my blog. I’m simply not qualified as you can see reading this recipe. However, I hope it’ll be useful for you.

zucchini plant
Zucchini in my garden.

All the ingredients are these vegetables and some water, sour cream and salt.

veggies for zucchini soup

Peel all the veggies and cut them in bigger pieces, or of you prefer smaller bits are fin too. They cook fast anyways.

zucchini soup

Warm up some olive oil in a pot and put the vegetabels on the hot oil except the zucchini.

Let it fry a little.

When they look nice and fried, add about 8 cups of water, a tablespoon of salt and grind some pepper.

zucchini soup

Boil and let it cook about 10 minutes. When it’s half cooked add in the zucchini cut in the same size as the vegetables. I normally peel them, but they don’t have to be peeled. You can cut them up with the skin on and cook.

zucchini soup

When everything is well cooked – it takes about another 10 minutes – grab your hand mixer and process the content of the pot.

zucchini cream soup

It will look as nice as this:

The more veggies you use the thicker your soup will be. Change the proportion as you wish to find the character you like.

The final touch that makes it super creamy is adding a some sour cream to it and mixing in gently. To be honest, I add as much as I feel like, there is no exact amount to it. I’m pretty flexible with this.

And with the whole recipe really. I don’t think I managed to make two pots of zucchini cream soup that were exactly the same but each were a huge success among all my non-vegetable-eating kids and with guests. At this point I’ve made at least a hundred times. It is really delicious.

This is a basic recipe that you can adapt as you like. Get creative and add your personality to it for your family.

zucchini cream soup
I serve with beads or toast bites.

Occasionally I use celery root instead of zucchini which is also healthy but has a much stronger flavor so you need a smaller amount of it. Moreover, you can put a small piece of celery in the zucchini soup, too. As I said: flex the recipe as you wish.

Check out my zucchini recipes collection to find more inspiration and new dishes.

Happy cooking!

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