Sunday Instagram Inspiration

Let’s start this week with some Instagram inspiration. I picked five posts from my favorite Instagram accounts that caught my eye with their WOW factor. They definitely inspire me, and I hope they’ll inspire you, too.

This suspiciously looks like a southern dream home with the white picket fence. Look at the kitchen and the breakfast nook! I could list all the rooms and outdoors to see. They are so inviting and cozy. You’d better check out for yourself!

I have a thing for English kitchens. This looks just perfect as all of the kitchens of Humphrey Munson. I love the colors, the materials, the storage solutions, the character, and the harmony of it all.

In all honesty, I’ve had a rough couple of days behind me. We’d love to remodel our two bathrooms, and it had seemed we’d be able to do it this year. I did my research, made all the plans, met a dozen artisans – literally, and received all their bids, yet it turned out we need to postpone the project. I’m a *little* smashed by the delay, but seeing this beautiful bathroom, that looks so much like my dream bathroom, helped me look forward again. (I’m considering sharing my plans with you anyway, so be prepared, I might pour it out there. It’s not so magnificent but I’m happy with the plan we’ve settled on.)

Again, this looks exactly like my dream porch. I so wish I could have a place like this. I’ll never give up hope, but it’ll take some more years…

All I have to add to this is “Yes, please!” This looks pretty much the same size as our backyard so it helps me imagine what it will look like when we are done with that, too.

Please let me know which is your favorite and share with me the latest Instagram post that inspired you! I’d love to see more. Live a link in the comments or just tag me in the picture on Instagram. @loveyourfamilyhomeblog

Have a nice week and love your home as it is! It’s worth it!

love your home

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