Spring Decor in Your Family Home

We need spring decor so much this year! Though April is coming right up, spring still hasn’t arrived just yet. So it’s especially a good idea to bring spring flowers indoors and also find other ways to decorate your home for spring as much as you can. It freshens up your home, even more so if you combine it with great spring cleaning projects.

No matter how cold these days are, or how much it’s snowing (yes! I’ve actually sewn my peas and onions in the falling snow! Is is heavily snowing right this moment), it’s heartwarming to come into the house that feels like spring. Spring flowers are blooming, no matter what, though tulips and daffodils are still holding out, and my magnolia tree is also still sleeping. I’m glad, actually, because last year it bloomed by this time of year, and a week later it got frostbite. I rather it blooms later but longer. Till then I just adore my violets, crocuses, hyacinths and snowdrops.

However, after spring kitchens and tables, I brought you some inspirational spring home tours to survive till spring finally arrives.

Special note for you: As always you find all sources under the images. Each and every link in this post (not only the captions), leads to an amazing gallery of the interior, and a meaty, information-loaded post where you can find out more about what grabbed your attention and see more details and images. Do jump over!

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Entryway Spring Decor

A beautiful spring decor in the entryway or the hall is a warm welcome home for you and for your visitors too. Don’t overlook the importance of a welcoming entryway.

Spring Mantel Decor

Mantels are my weak spots. I’m big on functional home decor living in a large family and with small ones around all the time. While in many homes non-functional decorations work so well, in mine they hardly do. I haven’t got many places to decorate that don’t crash with functionality. Mantel would be one if I had one. Christmas, Spring, Fall – whatever season – mantels have the main function of keeping the decorations for your home. So this is the best place to get creative and hone your decor skills. 

Spring Decorated Living Spaces

Click through to see the whole home tours or room reveals. They are all heartwarming and will lift your spirit as you wait for the real spring.

Spring Decor Vignettes

These simple and serene vignettes can be used in different convinient spaces throughout your home. They nicely represent spring anywhere.

Bonus Spring Decor Ideas

It’s an awesome idea to print a little bird to sit on a real branch. Click and print your own birdie!

Learn how to make this nest from paper for your decor eggs when you click through.

It’s not a vignette but I love this window with floral cards to decorate an empty wall.

I hope you’ve found some great ideas and inspiration for your own home!

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