The 3 Stages of Making a Change in Your Home

Life is constantly changing. For better or worse. But it’s never static. It’s the same with the place where you live, too. You can stand by and watch the changes, or you can choose to be proactive and make a change yourself. If you don’t know how to do that, yet, don’t worry! You’ll get there. It’s a simple process.

The 3 Stages of Change in the Home

  • You aren’t happy in your home but don’t know why
  • You’ve identified what needs changing
  • You’re ready to make the changes.

If you’re here, reading this, you’re probably at one of these stages. 

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1. You Aren’t Happy in Your Home but Don’t Know Why

You feel uncomfortable. You’re frustrated. You don’t like going home and see the mess. You stay away from cooking because your kitchen feels unfeasible.

You don’t know why, but you feel the urgency for change. You haven’t identified what should be different but you know that some kind of transformation must happen to feel yourself better. You want to feel something other than how you feel now. Moreover, beyond those feelings, maybe you wish for another, better home for your family. 

The thing is, that to pursue changes you need to be purposeful

It starts with being clear about what you want from your home. Put into words the feelings you want to have about and in your home. The things that make the place YOUR home. But keep in mind that it is the people in it who make a house a home. 

Being clear about what Home means to you helps to take a closer look at what you love about your space. Count all the things that made you get the place to begin with. All the features that were on your list when making the decision. Probably it was a bit more than just the price. There was at least one or more, maybe a lot of things that you liked about it. List it again or pull out the original list and give thanks for all those things. If you were able to add to the list since, give thanks for those too. 

Having seen the good things you might already feel a bit better now. However, it’s time to get to the next stage and see what changes you need to extend that gratitude list. 

2. You’ve Identified What Needs Changing

To find out what things have to be changed, identify the problems that make you feel unhappy, frustrated or anxious. When you point out the sore spots, you’ll learn what makes you feel bad, so you can tell what changes you need. 

Maybe you’ve figured that you are in need of more storage space, or more light, or less clutter. Perhaps there are quite a few small annoyances waiting to be fixed. It’s possible that you should do a whole reno, or just make the place a bit more personal because you’re fed up that everything looks like a hotel room, and it doesn’t feel like you. 

It is very important that whatever the identified problems are, you accept imperfectness and compromise for the best. Yes, you certainly deserve that marble kitchen countertop that your next-door neighbors have but do you really need it? Does comparing make you feel any better? I don’t think so, rather the opposite if we’re honest. 

When you’re trying to figure out what changes you need, the starting point is never what others have, or what the trend is. It is always: what do you need? What do you love? What will make your home more feasible, liveable and lovable? More you. 

3. You’re Ready to Make the Changes.

Now, you know more about what changes you need and you’re ready to make them. You just don’t know how to do it. 

You know you want to repaint your dresser you just don’t know how to make it enduring and what kind of paint you’re supposed to use. 

You know you want to rearrange the furniture in the family room to make it more spacious, you’re just not sure if your new arrangement plan is good enough. 

You know you want a gallery wall, you just have no clue how to make a composition or get straight lines on the wall. 

You love plants but you killed all of them so far, and now you don’t dare to buy one again because you don’t know how to keep them alive!

The good news is that you can do anything that you want. You can make the transformation you long for. You just have to learn how. Don’t shy away! See the opportunity in learning and finding new skills.

The Secret Is in the Small Things

Think about a home that you would instantly love. It looks organized, clean and tidy, stylish, inviting, easy to use, and even personal. It is much less about size or floorplan, or location. Those are very important too. But your feelings about the place are much more determined by the smaller features. The things you can easily control and change. So basically you can make any place yours, you can create a lovable home anywhere. You just have to know how. It all comes down to knowledge and experience, after all. 

Keeping a home means you need an extended set of skills and knowledge of rules about managing, decorating, organizing, and even maintaining. Mostly we learn these by trial and error, gaining some or a ton of experience. 

The more knowledge and experience you have the more confident you are to make the changes and keeping the home you love. 

In a Nutshell

When you feel the urge for change, figure out what changes you need, and learn everything about how to make that change. That’s the recipe for success.  

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