The Best Kitchen Updates in 2021

Choosing colors for your kitchen is an important design decision, but making the right decisions about kitchen updates is even more important. There are a lot of inventions these days to make your life easier and more efficient in the kitchen

Your kitchen’s design demonstrates your personality, whereas efficient kitchen updates customize it for your needs. Kitchen updates are about new possibilities that you may consider implementing to make your life easier. You should choose them according to your needs and not to your wants. Not because they are “trending”, or your friends have them and you feel you should too, but because you’d actually need them and enjoy them. 

Kitchen Updates for You

So, these upgrade ideas are mostly up for debate. These are only tips on what to research, discuss with your family and ponder if and how they would serve you. The goal is to bring them to your attention for consideration if they’d be convenient or increase the value of your home.

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Touchless Kitchen Faucet

This is one of the best kitchen updates. The concept is nothing new but brought in from public places into the home. Making it common is a great idea since the pandemic last year. A touchless kitchen (and bathroom) faucet is a smart appliance that uses motion sensor technology to activate the water flow.

  • With a wave of your hand or a pan near the sensor, the water will turn on and off. It’s very helpful, especially when your hands are full or dirty.
  • They are water-efficient. No dripping, or forgetting to turn off.
  • Fewer bacteria or germs spread, keeping the sink and faucet more hygienic.
  • They look just like conventional faucets and homeowners can install them without the help of a plumber.
  • Touchless faucets are considered an upgrade and add value to your home.

This is definitely well invested money and won’t break your bank account.

Boiling Water Tap

The boiling water tap is one of the more high-end and expensive kitchen updates that’s mostly based on your habits, convictions, and comfort. It’s been on the market for nearly twenty years, and it’s becoming more and more common. 

Having a boiling water tap is like having a kettle that’s always on, but without the waiting for the good ol’ kettle to boil. They’re for making instant cups of tea or coffee, and for faster food preparation. You’ll no longer need a kettle so you can free up the space they occupy.

The idea is pretty simple: A small electric tank, installed under the kitchen sink, keeps the water at a high temperature. The attached faucet is mounted at the countertop level on the sink. You press a button or turn a tap and instantly get water that’s almost boiling—not quite 212°F/100ºC, but close to it at around 190–210°F, but it can be set even lower. Most taps will have tanks that have a capacity of 2 Liters or more. 

The taps all have various, very effective safety mechanisms to avoid burning accidents.

Boiling water tap saves energy since it doesn’t heat more water than you’ll use. It also saves you time in the kitchen.

Boiling Water Tap Types

These Taps are available in 4 different categories:

  • ‘Boiling water only’ taps only dispense hot water; 
  • Two in one taps run cold and boiling hot water; 
  • Three in one taps dispense boiling water and deliver normal hot and cold water as well (with these taps, you only need one tap in the kitchen).
  • Four in one taps deliver normal hot and cold as well as boiling water and chilled cold water.

If you drink a lot of coffee, or tea, eat a lot of ramens, or just use a bigger amount of hot water within your family, it might be worth it to invest in a boiling water tap. Learn more about the pros ad cons before making a decision.

Downdraft Extractors

Downdraft extractors are a fairly new addition to the kitchen appliance market. It is a very sleek and stylish way of having built-in extraction in your kitchen while keeping it hidden when not in use. When you need to cook, you just press a button and the downdraft extractor will rise from the countertop ready to use. It creates a very modern kitchen with a very clean look.

Downdraft extraction units are absolutely perfect for islands.

It uses the same technology for getting rid of odors and steam as a traditional extractor fan. Once the air is inside a downdraft extraction fan, it will either be pumped out of your kitchen using ducting like a traditional extraction unit or the downdraft fan will recirculate the air back into the kitchen once it has filtered and cleaned it. 

There are hobs with integrated downdraft extractors available.

If you are remodeling your kitchen, it may be the perfect time to install a downdraft unit. Without a full remodel, you need to consider the space that the unit takes up on your countertop. If your hob is already very close to the full width of your counter, chances are a downdraft unit will not fit.

However, ask people about it, read forums on the topic because the experience can vary on many different things and there is a chance that this is not the best choice. Research and keep in mind that ceiling-mounted recessed extractors might be a better option for you if you’re building a new home or renovating a fixer-upper.

Specialty Ovens

As people become more aware of the health benefits of steam cooking, microwaves get ditched more and more, and specialty ovens are becoming a thing. It’s a smart kitchen update you may have this year. I really appreciate this trend because I believe that microwaves are not good for your health. We haven’t had one for many years for health reasons.

There are different types of ovens that have various benefits so you have to make your choice based on your cooking and eating habits.

Convection Oven

This oven type is perfect for baking, roasting, and toasting. Convection is a dry method of cooking since it moves hot air around in the oven and it filters the air through an exhaust system in the back of the oven.

Convection ovens allow you to cook faster, and they cook the food evenly. It’s great for baking because it gives you the perfect browned and crispy exterior.

Steam Oven

Steam cooking is for the health-conscious cook. It’s the healthiest way to prepare food because it preserves the nutrients better than any other method, and it keeps the moisture in your food. It’s also the best way to reheat your food.

Steam ovens utilize a water reservoir to hold the water that will be converted to steam in the unit to heat food. Steam is an oil-free cooking method. 

Steam Convection Oven

A steam convection oven steams and browns food. It lets you cook food that also needs a crispy exterior. It’s also a great way to heat your food because it preserves the nutrients in your food. It can’t cook as fast as a Speed Convection or a Convection oven, but it does cook faster than its steam-only version.

Speed Convection Oven

Speed Ovens are fast but thorough and you’ll get great results in each of the various features. It’s is a great multipurpose, time-saving, and space-saving appliance: a convection oven and a microwave in one. The ratio of microwave cooking to convection cooking varies on the cycle you select and what you’re cooking. It’s more of a convenience choice than a health one.

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Dining Kitchen Islands

These days you hardly see kitchens without islands that double as a dining table and seating area. It really is a great feature that supports the lifestyle of the busy family.

Just like any other piece of furniture, dining kitchen islands come in a variety of designs, shapes, sizes and colors.

Go for a longer or wider kitchen island and use the additional length or width for an eating area. This way you need only a couple of stools to have an eat-in kitchen.

You can highlight and separate the eating zone with a different countertop material or by raising it to a different height for comfort.

Your kitchen island still can be multipurpose.

Butler’s Pantry

A butler’s pantry is a transitional space between a kitchen and a dining area that’s often used as a storage, food prep, or staging space. The idea is to have a kind of housekeeping closet within the kitchen. Accessorizing your butler’s pantry depends on how your family is going to use it. 

It can be a small closet for utilitarian essentials, and countertops, or a large room, offering a second sink, an extra fridge, or freezer, and cabinetry for bulky appliances and other space-hogging items. Lots of people keep a second fridge or freezer in the garage. The prep room expands on that idea but keeps it all neatly off the kitchen.

A butler’s pantry is meant to make your life easier, so it’s important to make it yours.

I love this version: hidden in and behind the cabinetry. The entrance is a large cabinetry door. It’s definitely added to my kitchen must-haves.

The ladder is a perfect convenience piece if your as small as me.

Look at the colors of these two! It’s fabulous.

Kitchen Sitting Areas

This is another one of my favorite kitchen updates that relatively easy to implement. (Maybe because we’re totally in need of this.)

Because the kitchen is the heart of the home, people gather there and they’re in need of a comfy seat! Or you just need to kick back a little while you cook. Whatever your reason is, create a kitchen sitting area where your people can be a part of the action but are out of the way. Like your spouse can have a drink and talk about their day sitting on the couch, your children can read or play or just chatter about their day at school, – all the while you prepare dinner. A lounge area in the kitchen is also better for aging relatives when visiting than sitting on a bar stool for hours.

Ma favorite is this timeless, classic family kitchen that is upright stunning with this red sofa.

The sofa brings color into this simple two-toned kitchen.

This kitchen has the dining island, the butler’s pantry and the sitting area. All in warm, inviting colors. Look at the dark ceiling!

Well, this looks the most fitting for my family of bookworms.

Outdoor Connected Kitchens

One of the elements inspired by a need in this year’s kitchen updates is a visual and physical connection to the outdoors. Bifold doors and larger windows are becoming an essential part of the kitchen. They enable fresh airflow and create a relaxing environment.

This is a pool house kitchen hidden behind sliding doors. A great example that the limit is the stary sky. Just click through.

Being able to build a whole outdoor kitchen area is even better.

I hope you found a few ideas you can implement is your kitchen to upgrade your efficiency and comfort. Get creative and go wild!

See you next time!

love your home
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