Kitchen Design Ideas to Consider in 2021

Your kitchen is your personal space. It’s essential that it’s designed for your personal needs. Which, if we are honest, is different for every person, and even different in every stage of the person’s life. So kitchens are like snowflakes. There are no two alike – at least there should not be. There are similar needs, similar expectations, even dreams matching with other people’s dreams – that’s part of what makes trends trends – but they mix differently for everyone providing the unique kitchen design ideas we see. 

Just a thought: have you ever seen two photos of kitchens identical to each other on Pinterest? I haven’t.

Though uniqueness is what you should be aiming for, this time let’s focus on the similarities people seem to have in their kitchens these days. We’ve seen the (still) trending kitchen colors and the inventive functional kitchen update ideas – also not necessarily new, but proving to be valuable during the past decade or so. Now let’s see some kitchen design ideas that are rising or admittedly withstanding the test of time. 

Special note for you: As always you find all sources under the images. Each and every link in this post (not only the captions), leads to an amazing gallery of the interior, and a meaty, information-loaded post where you can find out more about what grabbed your attention and see more details and images. Do jump over!

Learn About Broken-plan Kitchen Designs

For decades open-plan kitchens have been the default trending kitchen plan. There is a good reason for it that we won’t discuss now, but as for everything in the world, open plans also have their cons as well as pros. The nature of evaluating is finding solutions for cons. An up-and-coming idea – though so far it’s seen mostly in Europe and Australia – is the broken-plan kitchen.

With a broken-plan layout, you can retain the same spacious feel as an open-plan kitchen yet still have a level of separability from the dining and living areas. It’s an evolution of open-planned living that still allows for a sociable experience for everyone while also providing a sense of separation and privacy. This makes it ideal for entertaining.

A broken-plan layout physically divides areas for different zones by employing structural elements like half-walls, dividing shelves, fireplace walls, stairs, mezzanines, or walls of glass. Zoning makes your kitchen feel naturally balanced in ergonomics and harmonious in style. Creating zones for cooking and socializing allows the kitchen to become a multi-purpose hub and brings the whole family together.

One of the most practical kitchen design ideas is the glass partition wall. It’s a really neat solution for implementing a broken-plan space without blocking the light flow from one side to the other. By dividing the room with glass panels taken right up to the ceiling, there is a distinct division of the space, but the cooking and relaxing areas still stay organically linked. 

I also love this one:

Accordion glass interiors windows

Use a Statement Backsplash in Your Kitchen Design

A very simple but effective way to create a focal point in your kitchen is using a backsplash as an accent wall. There are so many different ideas about backsplashes, that you can certainly find the one that reflects your personality and adds character to your kitchen.

Backsplashes are not only saving your walls from splatters and spills, but they make an extensive visual impact on the space, too. A well-chosen backsplash completes the look you’re putting together. It means you need to get bold and creative with your backsplash adding visual interest while protecting the area around your sink, range, and countertops. Obviously, it should be easy to clean. A feature that also should factor in the choice you make.

Captivating Tiles

The traditonal way is putting up tiles, but they don’t need to be old school tiles. You just need some time set aside to find the perfect tile.

There is a wide variety of options in tile materials – glass, metallic, mosaics, porcelain, cement – to name a few. Even wider the assortment in textures, shapes, patterns, colors, and sizes. Think of all the combinations of these features, and the endless possibilities of the layouts, and it’s easy to see that your tiled floor and backsplash can reflect your unique style while keeping your kitchen up to date. These days there are lots of hexagons, dark, dramatic colors – like navy blue, dark green and black -, and patterned tiles. In addition to these features, you can create a dramatic effect with an accentuated layout that catches the eye.

Nowadays one of the highly popular layouts is the herringbone pattern.


A slab backsplash is a large, flat piece of solid material. The hard surface creates a different visual effect than a more modular tile. When matched to the countertop, it can create a distinctly sophisticated look. For a modern, streamlined look, consider bringing your chosen countertop material up the walls instead of using traditional backsplash tiles. 

Tempered Glass

Glass backsplashes are large pieces of tempered glass that are colored and usually have a pattern or print. They are becoming more and more popular all around. Solid glass backsplashes are eye-catching and make a statement over a stovetop or behind a sink. They are competitive alternatives for slabs creating a timeless feeling and a low-maintenance solution for today’s modern kitchen.

Use Statement Floors

If you are looking for new kitchen design ideas that make your space stand out, create a statement floor, by choosing a characterful design that is full of pattern, color, and texture. Feature floors are a great way to add some personality to your kitchen. The tiles can come in bold colors or geometric patterns or you can opt for a non-geometric patterned floor.

Geometric shapes are highly popular because they can bring interest and showcase a bold style to any kitchen large or small. Hexagon tiles offer a wide variety for creating cool geometric patterns. They create a more engaging space and offer a clean and subtle look. 

Statement Faucets: a Simple Kitchen Design Idea

Faucets are often designed to blend into the rest of the decor rather than to stand out boldly as the kitchen’s centerpiece. Nowadays they’re becoming statement pieces of the kitchen with unique designs. Mostly because kitchen faucets are the easiest and subtlest way to give your kitchen an upgrade without breaking the bank.

Which faucets can make a statement? All is good that is not stainless steel or nondescript faucet shapes.

They can be dark metallic or brassy and bold or oil-rubbed bronze finish. It’s also fine to return to the antique shapes as well as to pick seamless modern ones with cool, clean lines. 

Gooseneck faucets will never go out of style with their elegant arch and minimalist lines. Bridge style faucets are also trending whether wall-mounted bridge or countertop mounted ones. The point is, you should choose a piece that draws the eye to the sink area.

You can install a statement kitchen faucet not only by using a unique design but with added functions too. Pre-rinse faucets are available for home use now. They’re high-powered sprayers mounted at the end of an extra-long and flexible reinforced neck. They come with a pull-down, pull-out, or a side spray version. Consider a secondary faucet like a water filler to expand the family’s options for using the space or boiling water taps, and don’t forget the pot fillers, either.

Stylish Vent Hoods

Kitchen vent hoods have evolved into a work of art over the years. They are available in all shapes, sizes, and materials that can either draw the eye or blend right in with the surroundings. Your kitchen needs one focal point. If it’s not a statement floor or backsplash, a decorative vent hood can be a great alternative.

With thoughtful and stylish design a kitchen vent hood can be the perfect example of form meeting function. From timeless old-world finishes of copper, stone, stucco, and wood to ultra-contemporary stainless steel and glass a hood will add to the ambiance of any kitchen. 

Concealed vent hoods can be custom wooden hoods that often create a furniture-like look to help blend in with their surroundings. Both functional and visually appealing, concealed hoods can do wonders for a kitchen design.

Built-in Appliances

If you’d like a custom look for your kitchen, or simply want an efficient use of space, built-in – also known as integrated or hidden – appliances are a great choice. They allow your kitchen to have a more professional, custom look and gives a sleeker, more modern, and a much less cluttered feel. Integrated appliances and hidden storage ensure that smooth looks aren’t disrupted.

Built-in appliances are integrated into a kitchen’s cabinetry. Mostly they’re “panel-ready” devices that provide the opportunity for custom panels to be installed on the appliance’s face. The covered appliance is blending seamlessly into the surrounding cabinetry.

They come in a wide variety of widths and sizes.

The main benefit of integrated appliances is their space-saving properties. They’re particularly useful in kitchens where both floor and surface area is limited and every inch of cupboard space counts. Also, it works well in open-plan rooms where the kitchen is on show constantly.

Range Cubbies

A range cubby is a structure that holds your range and hides your vent. It can be customized to your needs and though it’s more a classic element of your kitchen design, you can add a modern twist to it by using slabs and clean modern cabinetry lines.

If you decide to go for one, don’t forget to add counter space on either side of the range.

One of my favorite designers, Jean Stoffer loves to use range cubbies in her designs and put nice little storage places like this cute niche in the sidewall of this elegant kitchen. Amazing!

It’s a more simple version of a range cubby, seems more affordable, yet the main reason I chose this pic is the AGA! I’m not a good enough cook for an AGA, but I stayed some time at a huge manor with a classic “Downtown Abby” kitchen that had an amazing AGA during my time in England. Ever since I dream of having one someday, but that time is not here, yet. Though, honestly, any range seen in the pictures above would make me grateful.

Probably this was MY favorite design element. Which is yours? Let us know down in the comments!

Have a nice day and love your kitchen!

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