The Best Kitchen Colors – 2021 Trends

Last year’s favorite post about the kitchen trends tried to gather the most practical, family-friendly ideas that are up and coming in a brief version. This year as I dived into researching, I found that not that many things have changed, so I decided to go into more details about the trendy kitchen ideas instead of repeating the same old song again. First, let’s see about the best kitchen colors you can choose if you’re planning a kitchen redo this year. You can check out the best kitchen update ideas here.

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Special note for you: As always you find all sources under the images. Each and every link in this post (not only the captions), leads to an amazing gallery of the interior, and a meaty, information-loaded post where you can find out more about what grabbed your attention and see more details and images. Do jump over!

Kitchen Colors Are Important

Kitchens are still the heart of the home – even more so these days when people are being at home in quarantine. Kitchens truly are becoming the actual center of the home. Giving your kitchen the right look and feel is more and more important these days because it’s becoming the main space where you come together and make delicious meals with and for your family and friends.

In order to do that, picking the right colors is crucial, because they establish the atmosphere of the space, represent your personality, and express the purpose of the space you’re creating in your kitchen. 

Define the Purpose of Your Kitchen

You have to decide what is the main purpose of your kitchen to make the right choice.

If you’re a frequent entertainer and an adventurous cook, a neutral space may not feel inspiring or energizing enough. To create a bold and inviting space you might opt for more bright and exciting colors that spur your creativity.

If you use your kitchen to relax and unwind, a calming environment for family meals, you should stick to soothing tones or neutral colors.

So the most important question before deciding what color will work best in your kitchen is: what do you and your family do and want to feel in your kitchen?

See the Most Used Kitchen Colors

When you have your answers, only then you should take into consideration the upcoming trends and figure out how to implement them.

If you know how you want to feel in your kitchen and plan a painting project this year, check out the kitchens below to help you find the best kitchen colors. Honestly, these are nothing new. These colors have been trending for years now, if not a decade or more. They are only picked for more and more projects these days and combined in different ways with other design elements. Most of them are classic and timeless in my book, and you can choose them with confidence, knowing that your kitchen will be beautiful and up to date for many years to come. 

Regardless of the trends, there are some basic rules, simple tips to help you create a cohesive look in your kitchen using the right colors. It’s easier than you think.

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kitchen color tips

Green Kitchens

Lately green is gaining more and more traction for both its calming and vibrant hues. So many shades and tones and hues to choose from to create the atmosphere you need, that you can hardly make any mistakes by picking any kind of green. Select from deep forest hues to subtle sage shades. Pale peppermint, bright emerald, or dark forest. Depending on the tone of your choice, green can create a traditional atmosphere as well as a very modern expression. The options are truly endless.

A great advantage of the greens that the whole spectrum of hues, especially botanical shades, works perfectly with wood, stone, metals, and natural materials. An extra benefit that if your kitchen overlooks your garden, this palette creates a connection with the outside.

green cabinetry
pine green kitchen

Blue Kitchens

Last year’s deep blue hues are still trendy because of their timeless elegance and calming effects. Balance the deep blues with plenty of pale surfaces, like countertops, backsplashes, or just go for the two-toned cabinetry.

Experts advise that south-facing rooms can maximize the tons of light they receive all day long with a pale hue. Whereas small spaces with little natural light can embrace the darkness with a dramatic moody blue. My feeling is that small kitchens can benefit from lighter shades too. Seeing these gorgeous kitchens, you can hardly make any mistakes with any kind of blue.

Two-Toned Kitchens

Two-toned or “tuxedo” kitchens are definitely rising in popularity. It’s a great way to add depth and dimension to a kitchen. They utterly avoid any monotony, instead offer both a playful and elegant vibe to your kitchen that’s hard to resist. 

There are many combinations to choose from if you’re considering a two-toned kitchen. Mostly it’s a kind of white paired with a rich tone in many and any different ways.

Your island can be a color and the rest of the kitchen another. 

two toned kitchen

Or the base cabinets are a color and the top cabinets are another for a more space altering look. 

Thinking outside of the box and using colors in unique ways or using bold colors create stunning kitchen interiors. (Pop over to see the orange and green top cabinets with white bottom.)

Sometimes it’s an accent element like a hood, a hutch, or the appliances that jump out with their different color.

Also, if you have a butler’s pantry or a kitchen bar, you may choose a different color for them than for your main kitchen.

Blush Kitchen Colors

Soft blush pastels, upbeat corals, purple, richer tones of raspberry, fuchsia and cerise look great in the kitchen. You may even give your classic shaker cabinetry a lift with any of these colors. However, use them carefully according to the rule of “less is more”, so maybe use them as an accent color only. Or pick a light, soft shade if you need more of them. 

Warm, Moody Cabinets

Before introducing you to the stark black kitchens, let me show you a few deep and broody tones that are almost black, yet create a warm, inviting, timelessly elegant place. Worth considering.

Black Kitchens

The elegant and sophisticated shade of black appears more and more in all areas of the kitchen, not only as accessories. Cabinetry can wear black without being too much.

From matte black appliances and fixtures to dark marble or soapstone countertops and sleek cabinetry.

To ease up the dark mood, pair black cabinets with brass hardware, a white subway tile wall, and wood open shelves. Paired with marble and natural wood they give off a fresh, modern vibe.

Making the frames and insides of your cabinets black is also eye-catching. Using dark wood shelves gives a stunning contrast to look great.

In an open concept layout, choosing a stark color like black can help define rooms.

Black makes the cabinets blend in with the wall. Balance the dark statement color with butcher block countertops and brass hardware and lighting. Black works nice in this farmhouse kitchen, too.

I hope you found some inspiration and got a little lost in these beautiful interiors.

See you soon!

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There are some basic rules, simple tips to help you create a cohesive look in your kitchen using the right colors. It’s easier than you think.

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