Colors are important in establishing the tone and atmosphere of your kitchen, so it is important to choose the right colors, hues, and shades. When creating a home, color choices are always there, even without you realizing it. You pick colors for the walls, floors, cabinets, furniture, hardware, fabrics, even the plates, and bowls. Big and small details. The list is miles-long. Choices, choices, and choices. People tend to play safe when picking colors, understandably, – I’m one of those safe players, so I understand -, but being careful doesn’t mean the end result must be boring. Or if you make bold choices the fininshed place doesn’t have to look being without concept.

Kitchen Color Rule Book

But how to find the right colors and create a cohesive look without being everything white or grey or creating a chaotic space?

It’s not as difficult as you may think. I have 5 simple tips to help you with that. You can achive a well-put-together look by following these rules and ideas.

Download the Create a Cohesive Look in Your Kitchen mini ebook and learn how to choose colors for your kitchen the easy way to create the cohesive look you’re striving for!