29 Simple Kids’ Art Gallery Wall Ideas

One of my favorite places to look at in our home – in any home actually – is the kids’ art gallery wall. They are inspiring and tell a lot about the little creators. It can be a nice addition to the family gallery wall.

The home you create makes a very deep impact on your children’s personality and future. It’s important that your home inspires not only you but your children as well. This is one of the most important aspects and must be considered when creating, improving or embracing the changes in your home.

Displaying your children’s artwork has many benefits both for your children and for your home. It’s a tool in your hands to encourage them by showing appreciation of their artwork and to inspire them to create more and more, which is one of the basic elements of their improvement. Besides, their drawings, paintings, creations decorate the place you and they live in, giving a super personal and warm touch to your home, and also a sense of closeness and belonging. 

If you do not have a gallery wall, yet, dedicated to your kids’ artwork, I really encourage you to find a place for one in your home and to start displaying those precious masterpieces. 

In this roundup, you’ll find some very inspiring ideas to get you started. As always, click on the captions under the images for the resources, and for how-tos and detailed descriptions.  

Simple and Cheap Kids’ Art Gallery Ideas

Twine and clothespins. And a couple of nails. That’s all it takes. I love the simplicity of this children’s artwork gallery wall. It’s about 5 minutes to make.

Frames and clothespins. Still easy to change the pictures yet seems more organized.

Twine placed in a frame with a fine background gives some flexibility. The art gallery can be moved as needed.

This also requires a little bit more work but the point is the same: the boards are easy to move to another place without touching the hanging system.

Or you may adhere some clips to the board. The spacing is less flexible in this case but works fine.

These clips are stuck to the wall. Maybe it’s not the most practical in a rented house but I like the simple, plain look of it.

Work with what you have at your hands. If that’s a crib spring then that. It looks colorful and bright and is practical.

Little magnets are also cute and harmless tools to make an art exhibition.

Frames, wire, and clothespins. Still fairly the same materials. If you have any of these, your creative self can play around with them to make a unique and simple kids’ art gallery.

An inspirational art wall with framed drawings and clothespins express constancy and flexibility. Object arts make the display full.

Cork and Chalkboards

Create a kids’ art gallery wall between the windows with cork tiles. The texture is perfect for background. Just pin your kids’ artwork.

This framed corkboard looks elegant and classic. I like that each child has their own gallery board.

In this art gallery, each piece of artwork has its own cork tile. Pin and go. Clean and simple. The grid layout gives it an organized look.

Drawn picture frames with chalk on the wall. Creative and simple.

The same chalkboard wall, a little bit improved. You may tweak your basic idea any time so your gallery wall may evolve a little every now and then.

Painted frames on the wall in bright colors are fun. If you want a change, you just paint the wall all over again. This is one of the most simple ideas.

Framed Artwork

The most loved pieces deserve a frame. They are more permanent but you still can change the pieces when you want to refresh and update.

If you don’t want to make holes in the wall, you can use ledges for kids’ artwork display, as well as for family photos.

Unique Kids’ Artwork Displays

Clipboards, especially if you have them at hand, are a great way to display all sorts of papers, including your children’s drawings.

There are hangers in each household, too, and they are a showpiece: the beauty of it is its simplicity.

Box lids also make a brilliant frame for the pieces you want to display.

Another one of my favorites is this artwork mobile. It’s worth to click on the link under the picture for instructions on how to make it.

You can transfer your child’s painting on canvas to save it and to make a centerpiece art for your home.

I hope you’ve found inspiration for your own kids’ art gallery wall!

Have a nice day!

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  1. Hi Kamilla! Wow! So many beautiful ideas all in one place! Love it! I can’t wait to try one out for our own home.

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