Perfect Keepsake Christmas Ornaments for Your Family

Holding onto memories we have as a family in our home is a very important part of our lives. It is part of who we are. Making family keepsake Christmas ornaments is an awesome way to cherish Christmas memories and create family traditions. Decorating the kids’ rooms for Christmas is important, but what they can take with them to adulthood is the keepsake ornaments we make and collect for them.

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Home and Family-Related Christmas Ornaments

Marriage Keepsake Christmas Ornaments

These beautiful personalized ornaments should be there on your first Christmas tree as a married couple. They come in all styles and shapes; you just have to choose the one that best fits your style.

New Home Keepsake Christmas Ornaments

Homes are very important to us. Often they’re signs of milestones in our lives. A sweet way of making memories of New Homes is getting a personalized keepsake Christmas ornament. You can make one yourself using the key of your home for example or photo, but you can buy one too. The options are endless.

Baby Announcement Ornaments

Many people use family Christmas time to announce a new addition to their family. There are really awesome ways to do it, one of them is making a new ornament for the Christmas tree.

Pregnant Snowman Family ornament

Putting an ultrasound photo into a plastic fillable ball is also a great idea.

Always having small children in our home, we never use any fragile ornament. We use ornaments made of unbreakable materials only.

Baby’s First Keepsake Ornaments

If new baby arrived in the family they can get their own keepsake ornaments too. Put all the children’s early baby stuff like ID bracelets, hair, or different small items you can’t get rid of into fillable baubles. It’s a great way to pass their keepsakes on to them, or just keeping for yourself when they’re not around that much anymore.

You can also make a handprint bauble ornament. Inexpensive but also invaluable.

Handprint and footprint ornaments are also easy to make with these special kits you can buy. Air-dry clay is a really good material and you can personalize it with the letters in the kit.

If wooden blocks better fit your style instead of balls, you can personalize those, too.

This is my personal favorite. Take one of your baby’s first socks and make a lovely and cute stocking ornament.

For this one, I couldn’t find the original resource, so it’s from Pinterest. The idea is so brilliant that I had to include in this collection: if you have a real Christmas tree, save a slice of the trunk, write his name on it (a sharpie will do the job) and the number of his tree. Apply some finish to make it durable. A perfect way to remember your baby’s first – and any – holiday season.

Keepsake Christmas Ornaments Made with Children

When babies get older you can make even more special keepsake ornaments for and with them. These fingerprint heart ornaments are easy to make and simply gorgeous.

These footprint snowmen may double as gifts to grandparents, godparents, too, along with the fingerprint bulbs on the air dry clay Christmas tree.

Time-Capsule Ornaments

Time flies by. To keep a good track of it is almost impossible. Christmas is a perfect time to at least try once a year. Making the time-capsule type of keepsake ornaments is a great way to do it.

The first idea is a favorite of mine. Make a nice little keepsake box ornament and write a letter each year about the family events and blessings, or just the sweetest memory you shared as a family and put it in the box. You can choose to do it individually for each of your children and write them a personal letter or message. It is worth the effort. They will cherish forever.

In these accordion paged Mini Albums you may journal about the highlights of the season. You can write them down during the holidays. It is a lovely way of keeping family Christmas memories. You can make one for each of your children, and they can write or draw themselves their own highlights. An ornament for everyone to make a keepsake of the season.

You can make the notes on a small piece of paper and place it in Christmas time-capsule ornament baubles. You can buy glass balls with notepapers ready. Either everyone makes a note and you have a bauble for each year or everyone has a ball and makes a note in their bauble each year. Whatever fits your keeping keepsakes plan.

The same technique but you keep notes of important personal data and favorites. Children change to fast and it’s nice to look back what they were like or liked when they were little. If you’re like me and can’t keep up with the baby journals (I failed at the second baby already, let alone the tenth), it is a nice and simple replacement of baby journals.

Photo Keepsake Christmas Ornaments

These wooden blocks with photos are so simple, meaningful and personal. They are also really easy to make. They can double as gifts to extended family and friends.

Photos can be placed into balls, too.

Or transferred to wood slices.

This family photo ornament is a perfect Christmas kids craft.

If you’re not that fond of the cute little trucks you can also make a sled or a reindeer.

Family Keepsake Christmas Ornaments

When you have a new addition to your family, get a keepsake ornament to mark the change. When you’re not up to making something, you can buy really cute, personalized family ornaments in all styles and shapes, for any family size.

There is a selection even for large families.

Keepsake Ornament Collection Storage

Once you start the habit of collecting keepsake Christmas ornaments you’ll find soon that you have to have a special storage place for them. There are more creative ideas than putting them in a box in the garage though that is a very practical way to do it and you still can store them in the garage.

Keepsake Ornament Album

Keeping an album to collect all your keepsake ornaments’ photos and stories is a brilliant idea because anything can happen to those unique ornaments, especially to fragile ones, and probably you will give some of them to your children to take it with them when they grow up. If you keep an album like this, you will remember all the stories behind the ornaments and hold to the memory of all of them. You can even show it to your grandchildren one day. (Sorry, with teens in the house I’m feeling that the time is not that far away at all!)

Maybe a written collection of Family Christmas Traditions would fit in there too.

Keepsake Christmas Ornament Sack

You can buy a cute little, personalized keepsake sack to store all the ornaments you intend to collect for your child. This is an excellent way to hand them over their keepsake ornaments when the time comes to deck their own trees.

Bonus Ideas

Personalizing your tree skirt with handprints every year is another way to create a Christmas keepsake. This is something you will definitely keep for yourself and won’t pass it on. Your grandchildren will love to see their parent’s handprint of childhood when they come to visit. (Sorry! I keep running forward.)

If you have a collection of Christmas family photos this is a great way to show them and decorate your home with. Brilliant idea.

Make this Christmas season and all those to come special for your family by creating a collection of keepsake ornaments!

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Keepsake Christmas ornaments

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