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Instagram Inspiration is coming right up to help us get started a productive and positive week. I don’t know about you but I’ll have a really busy stressful week so I really need to put down the right foot.

Scroll through this amazing home. The door is just the start. The glass doors, the outdoor living room with the fireplace, the beams… there are a lot to see. Go for the details!

I love this modern, elegant entryway with the sliding door. Did you notice that these two are examples of the broken-plan?

My first choice for cabinets would not be natural wood, I’d definitely go for some painted cabinetry, but I love the ambiance of this beautiful kitchen. More precisely this beautiful home. Scroll through to see what I mean. Amazing! Don’t miss the range cubbies with the niche!

Another kitchen with natural wood which is another design trend, by the way. Paired with this color it gives an amazing two-toned kitchen. Look at the marble slab behind the range! It makes the most perfectly sophisticated statement backsplash.

In this kitchen my favorite piece is a few slides away. Yes! That perfect upper cabinet with the glass doors. Perfect focal point.

It’s not a butler’s pantry but it’s perfect. Easy to organize, has the counter space and a clever little ladder. Who thought it doesn’t need to be up at the top?!

Who wouldn’t want this bathroom?! Clean and crisp and so inviting.

How about this? I love the window between the mirrors and don’T get me started on the vanity. I find the color slightly unusual but that’s exactly what bought me. It’s in perfect harmony with every other small detail.

Remember the kitchen I swooned over last week? Yeah, this is the same house. A perfect kitchen deserves a perfect laundry room. What is it if not perfection?

Bookshelves are my heel of Achilles. I have about a thousand books. In boxes. Since we moved I haven’t been able to build the bookshelves, yet. Until then this would do, I think. It most definitely would do.

Nice workplace for the kids. We’ve been home for far too long from school because of the pandemic to really feel the need for such a well-organized place. But let me tell you, it’s up to the kids to keep it well-organized. I have kids who can keep their space tidy and kids who just simply can’t. And that’s all right. They still deserve a space like this, too.

Well, with 10 kids we really could use this room. They would love it. So would I. It is amazingly perfect.

Tiem to get utside! Summer is coming and we will make more and more use of the outdoor kitchens. Look at this! Lovely.

Well, I don’t think I need to add anything to this. Just soak in the feeling it initiates in you.

Let’s part ways for the week with this thought. It’s so simple, it’s embarrassing that it has to be said out loud. Yeah, I don’t think anyone has a dream home in their mind with any clutter. I don’t for sure. But – confession time – while I do have my potential dream home – under construction but in the dream location – it is totally cluttered. I have my excuses but that doesn’t make it excusable. So it made me think that if I have my dream home why am I not treating as such?! Well, here is the challenge for this week: start treating my home as it deserves it. Don’t ask me next week if I’d decluttered, because that will take much more time that I don’t have right now, but I will certainly start on that, too. It’ all about perspective, isn’t it?

Have a really nice week and love your home as it deserves it!

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