This Week’s Best Of Instagram

I stopped in my tracks while scrolling Instagram seeing these beauties. What do you think?

I love the simplicity of this space. Look at the white and gray is how beautiful with brass hardware and colorful accessories. It’s so inviting and friendly.

Can you tell I have thing for Humphry Munson Kitchens? I soooo do. This space in the three pictures is just stunning. Look at the color! The island and the frames in the extension are the same color giving them a unique connection.

More of the same kitchen. Every little detail is perfect. The backsplash above the range is a mirror. Can you see?

Yes, it is still the same space. I love the floors. It’s an ideal place for a family. And I’m still taken aback by the colors and the use of them. It can’t NOT be my favorite space of the week. Check out the whole place. It’s dreamy!

Another HM kitchen, sorry! See the sunroof? And the sitting area? Slide to see even more perfect little details of the design. Like the range cubby or dining island.

This place calls for a chess game. Even I would sit down to play but my husband would sit here 24/7. What I want you to see, though, is the glass panel wall. It’s a gorgeous example of a broken plan space.

See the little reading nooks next to the fireplace? How lovely is that? I love this space.

One more cute sitting nook in the bathroom. A perfect resolution for this place. I hope it comes with the dog!!! LOL!

Wow! Just wow. Can you imagine lounging in this place and stare at the landscape even in the coldest weather with the sliding framed glass doors closed, all year around. Yes, please!!!

Ok. My next passion to gorgeous interiors is gorgeous outdoors. Spring flowers will always stop me in my tracks. Add the stone walls with climbing plants and a yellow door and it just gets perfect.

Tulips forever! My phone died and all the photos of my beautiful spring flowers went down with it, so here is this one instead.

Hydrangeas. My other favorite. I’ve never had one until last year when I recieved a small cut and put it down to see what happens. I’m so happy it sprouted and I can hardly wait to see what will happen with it this year.

Oh, and I have to tell you that the featured image of this post is of my magnolia tree at it best two years ago. Last year and this year the flowers got frostbite and turned brown.

I hope these pics inspired you as much as they inspired me. Follow any of the above sites and me @loveyourfamilyhomeblog!

Have a nice week and love your home as it is! It’s worth it!

love your home

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