Shower Ideas That Will Inspire Your Bathroom Remodel

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Bathrooms have a special place in the home. Kitchens are the heart of the home, the place where you care for your family, bathrooms are the place for privacy, where you care for yourself. They need to be serving you and designed to your needs. This makes bathrooms unique.

Showers are one of the main elements of a bathroom. The best shower ideas make the space functional and beautiful.

I don’t know about you but I have one additional requirement for the perfect shower: it must be easily cleaned.

So when looking at beautiful bathrooms that catch your eye the questions you have to ask yourself are

  • is it functional
  • is it easy to clean
  • is there something unique about it.

I’ll show you a few gorgeous bathrooms and showers for inspiration, and tell you what I think of the showers but please make your own observations and feel free to let me know what YOU think of them.

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This double shower has it all. What I especially love about it is the slab porcelain walls – no grout, easy to clean – and that little corner bench. I’m not a big fan of exaggerated shower benches, I simply don’t see the point of those extensive benches that are trending, but a neat little version of it serves the purpose just fine without stealing the show from the rest of the space. This one works perfectly for me. I really like the clean-cut glass doors – no frame no place to collect dirt. Just what I’m looking for. Also, it sits on a low curb that is enough to keep water in but not high enough to trip over. It is just a perfect shower. Yes, for me it’s singular: we don’t need and have the space to make a double shower. A single version would make it. For tons of details, stories, and more simply brilliant ideas click the link in the caption. You can thank me later. *wink* Yes, it’s that good.

This is a very similar shower but with sliding glass doors. This space demands sliding doors and I love sliding doors, I just have a bad experience with them because the sliders are highly sensitive. Ours broke and turned ugly pretty fast, so my two cents here is that if you need or want sliding glass doors, always go for the highest quality affordable. Even if it stretches the budget. Compromising quality will take its toll on you.

I love how well this narrow room is utilized. The shower is an integral part of the space, unlike in the two previous bathrooms. The frameless glass walls and door make the room light and bright and it doesn’t feel squashed and narrow. It also has a curb. The tiles are a pain to clean but they are high-gloss which makes it more bearable. My favorite part of this bathroom is the vanity, though.

This floor has small tiles because the more grout there is the less slippery your floor will be. It is said. But a bathroom floor gets too much dirt on it, so for cleaning purposes, I would choose larger matt cement tiles. Those are also less slippery and easier to clean and also have many other benefits.

There are too many valves in this shower for me but the black herringbone tiles make a strong statement, especially combined with the black vanity. I love the simple and sleek bench and the spacious niche. The glass door and panels also sit on a low curb which is practical to keep the water in.

There is so much I love about this small bathroom. But my favorite is the little glass panel between the shower and the vanity. Awesome idea that gives an airy and spacious feel to the place. The floor is really nice and is the same in the shower and in the main part of the bathroom giving continuity to the space, yet being divided by a little too massive curb.

I like this clean and sophisticated minimalist bathroom. I still don’t need a double shower but I really love that besides the fixed showerheads there are handheld showerheads as well. That’s a function that most people need, especially families with small children. I love the niche which is actually an eyecatching feature and adds some interest to the otherwise fairly monotonous surface. The glass panels are functional but don’t break the design, instead blend into it. I can’t help but wonder if the water stays behind them or it escapes a little into the vanity area. The best part? The skylight, isn’t it? For a morning shower definitely, it is.

One of the trending shower ideas is to integrate the tub in the shower area. In this wetroom, the arrangement looks nice. I’m sure there are people whose habits created this trend, but our habits don’t demand the shared space for tub and shower so we’re not considering this option. If your showering habits can be supported by it, you should consider it.

One thing I would do differently in this bathroom is the tile wall behind the tub. I would pick a tile that emphasizes the tub instead of blending it in. But I love the black hardware. They add so much to the space.

If not have enough space for sharing, use a nice combined shower and tub. Works well in kids’ bathrooms. In our last home, we had a combination like this but angled. I must tell you there are pros and cons to this just as to everything under the sky. The pros are all for children, for their bathroom I’d choose this again. For adults, it’s pretty uncomfortable on a daily basis. However, if you have to compromise, do not use sliding doors and go for a more spacious tub as the room allows. The design should balance the compromise in function, in my opinion.

This design could work for me. There is a nice harmony in this bathroom.

I hope you’ve found some inspiration and ideas for your shower project, big or small.

Share your best shower ideas in the comments below. You might help others with them to make the right decisions. Thank you!

Have a nice day!

love your home

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