Gallery Wall Ideas to Personalize Your Home

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Adding a gallery wall to your home is an easy and splendid way to decorate walls, though it is way more than only decoration. The best gallery walls add character and personality to your home. Find inspiration in these gallery wall ideas.

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Gallery walls are the most straightforward ways to personalize your home. They give that special touch to your home that nothing else will. Displaying family photos, children’s art – or your own, gallery walls make you feel your home to be yours even more. It helps you practice gratitude for your family and home, and build memories. Your home will also be a place of inspiration if you put words around the house that inspire and motivate you and your family.

In addition, gallery walls also have the benefit of helping you deal with eyesores in your home, like a thermostat or a doorbell. Or, you can give life to dead spaces like a staircase or a long narrow hallway. 

A gallery wall can be the focal point of your home. They reflect your personality and talk about you, your family, your experiences or preferences. When you walk into someone’s home and are introduced to their gallery wall you may get to know a lot about them immediately.

These gallery wall ideas will show you that making the dream of a family gallery wall come true is super affordable and simple. It just requires time and effort – the things that help you connect to and love your home more. Click on the links below the pictures to find detailed descriptions of the process and many tips and tricks to make things easy.

Gallery Wall Layouts

The most simple and elegant layout is a grid. The easiest to hang. You need only a simple picture hanging tool to make holes at the right spot.

Mirrored gallery walls are also easy to organize but seem more playful.

Placing the frames in random order requires more thoughts and planning but it is worth the effort if you get it right.

Gallery Wall Elements

Adding words important to your family makes your gallery wall unique.

Or add some artwork to your photos.

Adding some object art makes it more colorful and fun.

This entryway gallery wall infuses all kinds of elements: photos, inspiration words, object art, art. A lovely place to enter.

Where to Place Gallery Walls?

Living rooms are perfect for gallery walls.

Stairways call for gallery walls. Adding mirrors is a great idea.

Hallways also need an exhibition.

Having a display at the end of the hall leads the eye where you want to.

How to Create Gallery Walls?

There are lots of different ways to plan your gallery wall and also to hang the pieces you want to see on your wall.

Shutterfly is a tool to plan things out.

There are different ways and tools to hang up your frames.

Two More Ideas

To finish this roundup, there are two ideas that I love because they make your display more intimate.

The corner gallery wall. It looks cozy and warm.

The ledge. If you want to do it without holes in the wall, go for ledges. It gives you the flexibility to rearrange your photos daily if you want to. I love the overlapping of the pictures. They express closeness and intimacy.

Thank you for reading!

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Save this post to your Home Board on Pinterest!
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