How You Can Organize Your Home to be Free of Clutter

This is a guest post by Emily from She has some great ideas about decluttering your home:

By taking some time to clear out and organize our properties, we can transform our homes into havens for relaxation. Of course, it takes work and planning, but the results speak for themselves in both peace of mind and home value. Here are some fun and easy ways you can create the house of your dreams.

Get Things Sorted

When you’ve chosen to declutter and organize your house, your first step must be to make a plan of attack. By taking the time to figure out your tasks and the order to complete them in, you can simplify the process. Better still, you’ll be much more likely to finish. To get started, decide if you should go room by room or, if specific rooms require extra attention, section by section.

Declutter Each Room

No matter where you begin, have clear goals before you set to work. It may be best to start with the kitchen, rather than the bedroom, as your motivation could be derailed if you get caught up in memories. As you go through your property, look for items that are rarely used.

Once you move on to, for instance, your living room, start by clearing off all flat surfaces. If you have books on display, consider if you’ll ever read them again or if they are now only decoration. While there isn’t anything wrong with holding on to something simply because you love it, you need to be certain it is improving your life instead of merely taking up space.

Ditch the Big Stuff

Sometimes, we often keep things simply because it requires a lot of work to properly dispose of them. For example, you might have a couch in a spare room that’s beyond repair, but getting it out of the house by yourself seems impossible. Or, you may have an old mattress stashed in the shed or garage because you don’t know where to take it after you break it down. Just like the little things, these big belongings can quickly pile up.

Instead of letting these things take up valuable real estate in your home, why not hire a trash removal service to help you get rid of old furniture, busted mattresses, and broken appliances? What’s more, these professionals will take recyclable items to recycling centers in your area, which means your old junk won’t end up in the local dump.


As you go about decluttering, while you have surfaces clear and closets emptied, it’s a good idea to clean. This way, you don’t have to rearrange after you’ve finished tidying. While cleaning, move from the top to the bottom so that once you dust cabinet surfaces, you don’t have to then go and vacuum twice. For tight spaces, use compressed air and microfiber cloths which can be washed and reused. Similarly, you want to clean and polish furniture and tables, particularly before you put lamps or tissue boxes back in place.

Tackle Storage

Living in a small space may have its benefits, but storage is not one of them. If you have few places to put things, you need to get creative; for example, you might have to store possessions beneath your mattress, in boxes, rolling drawers, or in decorative trunks or ottomans at the foot of the bed. This can double your closet space and allow you to keep seasonal belongings out of sight. Further, you can go vertical with your storage to take advantage of open wall space. The kitchen is an especially impactful area, as cupboards can frequently be limited, so consider hanging pots and pans as well as your utensils.

Making and committing to a plan is the first and most important step. Once you get started, try to keep your momentum up, and take breaks where necessary. When you are finally done, you’ll be happy to unwind in a healthy and comfortable environment.

Thank you, Emily, for the great tips! Dear Reader, please check out Emily’s blog the Mighty moms.

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