Green Kitchens – Benefits and Inspiration

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We see more and more green kitchens in all shades of the palette, so it’s safe to say that green is an upcoming kitchen color trend. Though I think it is more than a passing wind. Our crazy lifestyles reinforce a strong need for a soothing, peaceful home, and using as much green as possible in your home creates exactly that for you. We may consider it a trending color because as people increasingly recognize their needs regarding their homes, they go for green shades more progressively. However, green is to stay as long as people need their sweet havens.

Green is also proving especially popular because there are so many different shades of it to experiment with, from soft sage and earthy olive greens to rich, forest tones. There is no end to it. 

Green is a fresh color that intensely relates to nature and the outdoors, and instantly brings to mind the lavish green of the grass, trees, and woods. 

Green is one of the most common colors in nature (besides blue: sky and waters), so it requires our eyes to do little to no adjusting. It’s associated with life, springtime, freshness, and tolerance.

It’s a reviving and peaceful color so it’s perfect for creating a feeling of restfulness and harmony in chaotic spaces like the kitchen.

Meaning of the Color Green

The color green embodies renewal, rejuvenation, and energy.  Different shades of green evoke growth and life, fertility, wealth, wellbeing, generosity, tranquility, and luck (shamrock). 

It symbolizes positive things. So they use green e.g. in traffic to let you go free, or to point out your profit on an income statement. Green means good.

Effects of Green

Calming: Dark greens are soothing. It reduces stress. If you need to concentrate or focus on getting something done, have something green nearby.

Exciting: Bright shades of green appear to be a stimulating, energetic and motivating color. In some cases, it can give you an endorphin rush. They spike your creativity and open doors for new ideas. 

Optimistic: Green, especially in the spring, can evoke new beginnings. It suddenly gives you the motivation to have a new goal or start over on something important. It helps you to be positive and hopeful.

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Green Works With

In design, green has a harmonizing force and is pretty steady. It can adapt to both cool and warm schemes, working to tie varying hues together. A combination of coordinating green tones add texture and warmth to a space.

Green is an exceptionally versatile color with many types, shades and variants to choose from. 

Green looks cordial when matched with pretty much any other color, espcially the ones commonly found in nature.

Green ultimately works with different types of hardware, brass accents, natural wood tones, and deep, rich blacks. 

There are some basic rules, simple tips to help you create a cohesive look in your kitchen using the right colors. It’s easier than you think.

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How to Use Green in the Kitchen

While it lends a modern feel to the kitchen, it can also feel equally traditional and classic depending on the type of green you use. It’s imperative to discover the proper shade of green that goes best with the style that you have in mind. 

Bright and bold colors go well with more modern or contemporary styled kitchens, whereas muted and more neutral tones work great for conventional or retro designs.

For example, go for mint green kitchen cabinets combined with wooden or white countertops and a subway tile backsplash for a retro-chic feel.

A lighter shade of green can be well-suited for a beach or a farmhouse style kitchen. 

Utilize deep green in combination with warm woods for a look explicitly inspired by nature. It creates a natural, grounding feel in industrial homes

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Green Kitchen Inspiration

Mint green kitchens communicate a feeling of freshness and springtime.

Sage green adds a washed-out and dry sense to your design. Sage green leans towards grey, so its pale, cool tones make it ideal for use as a modern neutral in your home. Sage has light and deep shades.

Teal is a mix of blue and green and has subtle turquoise undertones. A warm and hushing hue that’s increasingly popular.

Olive is a dull shade of green, leaning towards grey and brown. It can be used to communicate antiquity and decorum.

Forest green resembles the color of the trees and other plants in a forest.

Emerald is a luxurious and extravagant shade of green.

Hunter green is a dark, subdued color. It is a perfect paint color for traditional and classic, high-end designs.

Lime is the color of summer, the most lively shade of green. It’s the perfect blend of green and yellow. Gives away a raw and young feel. Lime green kitchens are mostly giving off a modern vibe.

More Green Kitchens

I hope you enjoyed this little encounter to enormous green land and found help to chose your green.

If you’re not up for a new or repainted cabinetry to bring green into your kitchen, try to paint your island, or create a kitchen sitting area using green, or try to open up your kitchen to the outdoors.

Which green is your green? Write a comment to share!

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There are some basic rules, simple tips to help you create a cohesive look in your kitchen using the right colors. It’s easier than you think.

Find out how to get started by signing up below.

kitchen color tips
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