Will I Ever Have My Dream Home?

This week I’ve been working on a few free worksheets about how to make a change in your home to make your dream home come true. This means I had no time for finishing up this week’s post, so please bear with me here still talking about making changes in the home

Dream or reality?

The thing is that in most cases there is a huge gap between dreams and reality. By dreams I mean all the Pinterest-perfect – or these days it’s rather Insta-perfect – homes you see online scrolling down your feeds. Many home bloggers admit that their home is not always what we see on social platforms and dream of having ourselves. I’m so relieved to gather that. Their job is extremely important though because they set the bar high enough for us to perform better and better in real life, too. You know, if you want to land among the stars, you have to shoot for the moon (Les Brown): you have to aim higher than you want to achieve. Don’t feel intimidated by all those dream homes, rather learn from them. They help us, real-life humans, perform our best. However, reaching either the moon or the stars takes time and hard work. 

Work for your dream home!

What kind of work? First of all, creating a strategy. Making random changes takes you nowhere but certainly not to the place where you want to be. If you want to succeed in turning your house into your dream home, you need a strategy – a whole bunch of plans made based on knowing what you want. Also, you have to learn how to do what you want to have success in executing your plans

Are you realizing all the layers in this process? 

  • knowing what you want 
  • creating strategy
  • learning how to execute that strategy
  • taking action built on that strategy

This process is going a long way but you have to stick to it until getting your dream home.

how to have a dream home

Know what you want!

Well, the new series of worksheets I’ve created is for helping you with the first step: knowing what you want. There are four steps in this step to drill deep down and figure out your needs and wants. (Oh yes, there are many steps in all the steps! We’ll get around.) 

I don’t know where you’re at on your journey but I believe that working through the worksheets helps you get more intentional, more purposeful, and having learned all those things about yourself and your home, helps you create an effective strategy to take the right actions. 

I don’t want to talk you into anything for the world because signing up for the series requires a bit of commitment, chunks of your time, and tons of thoughtfulness and honesty. But if you’re up for the challenge I’m happy to send you the worksheets because that means that you’re ready to take the very first action to make the changes your home needs.

In either way, I’m happy that’ you’re here!

If you decide to sign up, you’ll get a series of questions. I’ll be sending links to the worksheets to your inbox for 4 days that will help you think through what you’ve got and what change you need and want. The job is all yours. The questions will only lead your thoughts.

Sign up for the challenge here:

Thank you for signing up!

love your home

PS: To learn more about making changes in your home read this post if you haven’t read it yet. 

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