Farmhouse Style Kitchen Ideas

Loving your kitchen makes loving your home a lot easier so it’s very important to create the kitchen you love. (Maybe it’s even an understatement.) A decent part of that is finding your own style. To help you with that I’m compiling the most important features of one of the most popular and trending styles that work for kitchens really well. And that is the Farmhouse Style Kitchen.

A Farmhouse styled kitchen is a really charming heart of the home. It’s simple, practical and easy to create by making small changes or adjustments to your existing kitchen. It works in any house style, in any location. You don’t have to have a farmhouse out in the wilderness. There are some hallmarks that can be implemented only by a grand makeover but small changes and accessories can do the trick, too. Especially if you want to test it first, and see if it fits you and your home.

What is Farmhouse Style?

The priority of the Farmhouse style is functionality and practicality. It builds on balancing between the old and new. You definitely won’t get the Farmhouse look by buying matchy-matchy new furniture that looks stuffy and formal. You have to collect hand-me-down pieces over time from your inheritance or thrift stores, flip markets, and antique shops. But you don’t want to go overboard with vintage stuff so you can buy new pieces, too.

The secret is to find a balance between the old and new. That will make your Farmhouse kitchen approachable and comfortable, versatile and give it the lived-in look. Because your furniture is allowed – even required – to look worn and daily-used, it is the most family-friendly style for your kitchen, for sure. It gives a cozy and comfortable ambiance.

Because the balance is different for everyone, Farmhouse style is so multi-colored.

Look at these Farmhouse Style Kitchens! They’re all so very different yet have many things in common. For one, they’re all called Farmhouse Kitchens. 

Please click on the caption for the source. It is so worth to click through for fabulous home tours.

In fact, no two Farmhouse Kitchens are alike. The main pieces, accessories, colors, the balance of old and new, the use of materials are different in each interior – the combinations are illimitable. However, there are certain style marks that make a Farmhouse Kitchen what it is.

Farmhouse Style Kitchen Design Elements

Farmhouse style is all about practical and functional gathering areas like open concept kitchens and large living rooms. A Farmhouse style space includes architectural elements, either as structural parts of the house or as pieces of decor. Elements like exposed beams, corbels, pillars, wainscoting, etc. They give a strong character to the room and, in addition, allow you to apply features like textures and colors.


Textures are important in any decor style and it’s especially true for the Farmhouse style. Textures save the space from looking dull and boring. To add texture to your Farmhouse style kitchen incorporate exposed wood – even unfinished or stripped -, use linen or grain sack, galvanized metal, wicker or rattan to name a few. There are lots of ways to use these materials.

How to Use Wood in a Farmhouse Kitchen

1. Exposed wood beams

Wood beams – real or faux for the sake of decor – give warmth and focus to your space. They are always a good choice to add character to the space and fit well into both rustic and modern style and everything in between. Learn more about beams here.

2. Wood on the walls

Depending on how rustic or modern Farmhouse style you want, you can use barn wood for a planked wall or shiplap. Wainscoting works well, too. Any types of wood paneling fit in the Farmhouse style if applied appropriately. 

3. Wood on the floors

Hardwood floors are so popular again these days. A Farmhouse kitchen calls for some real hardwood flooring. There are quite a few options to choose from. Learn more about wood floors in the kitchen here.

4. Butcher block counter

You can add wood to the kitchen by using a butcher block countertop. Even if you’d prefer some other countertop material, use at least a smaller inserted piece in the counter. Not only it’s practical but very neat, too. You’ll never regret it.

5. Dining room table

A perfect way to add wood to your Farmhouse style living space is a massive dining table. Moreover, if you need more old to get the balance of old and new in your farmhouse style kitchen, give the wooden table a distressed look. They give a warm, cozy feeling. (How-to on the blog below.)

How to Add Linen to a Farmhouse Kitchen

Linens and fabrics add not only texture but also character to any room. They’re also practical. You can use them to add a pop of bright color and also can be useful to keep things clean. Like slipcovers on barstools.

Or give some privacy like window treatments.

It is totally coincidental that both examples use buffalo checked linens, but now you can see, that even buffalo checks fit into this soothing decoration style.

Neutral Colors and Soothing Color Combinations

The most commonly used colors are pale shades of beige, taupe, cream, whites or grays. Muted sage, aqua or yellow colors also work well with the style and occasional vibrant pops of color like teal or red spice things up a bit. Again, it’s a matter of balance. The goal is to create a calming and inspiring space that you love. YOU love, and not the rules or fads say so. Colors evoke emotions, and you know best how you respond to what colors. It must be YOUR choice. I dare to say that if you love and use all other elements of the Farmhouse style, except you prefer more vibrant colors, you still can have your own Farmhouse home. Maybe without the label. <wink>

You can add colors by painting walls, furniture, floor (!), backsplash, – actually anything you want to add a new color to. Also, you can add color pops using linens, curtains and all sorts of accessories that we’ll talk about a bit later.

Other Farmhouse Style Hallmarks

Apron Sink

Spacious, gorgeous and practical. Combined with plain white shaker cabinets it is the cleanest Farmhouse style kitchen. Learn more about farmhouse sinks by reading Liz Marie’s review on her apron sink. Or Sarah Joy’s review.

Open Shelving

This still popular design element is also a part of the decor and makes a kitchen visually spacious. I let my carpenter talk me into some a few years ago, but it turned out that for us it’s not exactly practical because it holds more than just the daily used items and those occasionally used items only collect dust and grease. For those, I’ll try a glass-window cabinet when we’ll get to the full rebuild, but for daily used items I might still keep the open shelves.


One of my favorite style marks is the x-braces. If you look at the images carefully, you’ll find x-braces in most of them. You can use the x-es for tables, chairs, islands, cabinets – just about anywhere. It gives the space a classic Farmhouse look.

Pendant lights

Good lighting is critical in a kitchen. Pendant lights are not only gorgeous and dress up the place but they’re practical, too.

Farmhouse Kitchen Decor and Accessories

Accessories are part of the Farmhouse style decor since it focuses on practicality. Using accessories is another way to add texture to your place. Use galvanized metal, wicker, rattan, or ceramic. One of the best Farmhouse decor trends out there is reusing old farm and garden tools in your kitchen. Meaning you can maintain the balance of old and new with your accessories and decor pieces, too. The most common decor pieces – either old or new – are antique signs, chalkboardsvessels, pastoral landscape art. Accessories are wire baskets, metal bins, pots and jugs, repurposed farm tools.

Wide Mouth Pitcher
Divided Tray with Wood Handle


Basically, the Farmhouse concept is a blend of modern and traditional design that is also functional. It’s the most appropriate choice for those who like the classic look with a little modern touch. Besides kitchens, it’s used in living areas, entryways, bedrooms, and porches – basically all-around the home. It is the most customizable style of our age, so it fits anyone.

If farmhouse style is your goal, collect old, vintage pieces with stories, history, and meaning. Avoid decorating your home with mass-produced items, instead, check out your local antique shops and thrift stores for unique items that will fill your home with personality and charm. Also, decorate with things that have meaning, whether they’re brand new or decades old.

You can incorporate any of these ideas or all of them when planning your new or remodeled kitchen space, or even when you feel the urge to refresh your decor and want to try Farmhouse style. These ideas are so simple and practical and will make your kitchen inviting and charming. Just give it a try!

Thank you for reading!

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