Fall Decor for the Family Home

One of the most beautiful seasons is autumn. The colors, textures, smells of fall are just simply inimitable. This is the season of gratitude when we count all the blessings we have and give thanks for the harvest – literally and in regard to our labor. Fall in nature is so astonishing that we want to bring them into our homes. I guess this is the reason that besides the holiday season it is the time of year when we pay special attention to decorating our homes.

One of the many ingredients of the “love your home” recipe is home decor. Decorating our homes for fall helps us keep the spirit up while struggling with the days getting shorter and the nights longer. Also, this is an effort and creative outlet that takes us a step closer to feeling good about our home.

There are tons of gorgeous homes on the internet showing a home tour to inspire. You may find lots of DIY projects too. I’ll introduce some simple fall decor in this post that is beyond being pin-worthy. They are also practical for families with kids too, not staged only for photoshoots.

As always, if you click on the picture you find informative and detailed descriptions and more pictures. I highly recommend clicking through.

Fall colored Entrance

Decorating your front porch is the transition between nature and your indoor space. With this exhibition, you can bring fall colors and textures closer to your home and also represent the ambiance that is inside.

I love the simplicity of this porch, the few pieces that make the statement: it is beautiful autumn! The warm colors and natural textures. It is also great that the permanent decor elements fade into the seasonal.

Fall home tour

In this entryway, falling leaves lead the eye. It is definitely a sign of the season but no major elements needed to be rearranged to make the feel. Changing the pillows and putting the flowers in the basket make it complete. Simply scrumptious!

falling leaves entryway

This hallway uses two things only. Pumpkins – not too many, and leaves. This is the showcase of the “less is more”.

simple fall entryway

Fall in the Kitchen and Dining room

If you click through only one of the sources, this should be it, especially if you have small children. This is a tour of the most practical home I’ve come across on my encounter searching for fall decor. In this kitchen, nothing needs to be pushed aside or put away when making dinner. Incredibly tasteful and thoughtful home decor that undeniably propagates the season. If you have a well-planned kitchen, decorating so nicely should not be difficult.

kitchen fall decor

Farmhouse fall. Stylish, simple and green. Decor elements are out of the way, yet you step in and know immediately that it is autumn. This home tour is another one of my favorites.

Farmhouse fall dining room

In the dining room, a tablescape can make the trick too. Honestly, I always had my concerns about tablescapes but I can’t have any objection to this one. Simple, practical, bears the message. Click through to learn how to make one for yourself and what capsule staples you need.

fall tablescape

Living areas

I admit I’ve searched for as simple as possible fall decors. It was harder to find them than I’d thought. I’ve settled with this living room because it has everything I look for. Bright and cozy, neutral and practical. Uses everyday items like pillows, blankets, trays – and has the greenery too. Everything is designed to use. That is what I look for because we spend a huge portion of our time in the living room with the people who important to us. It’s important that this space encourages us to focus on these relationships and inspire us to nurture them.

living room cozy and neutral

Mantel is meant for decoration. This is the place where practicality is less important, where you can decorate for the sake of decoration. I love the green jars because they make the space feel light and airy and a perfect setting for the greens. The armchairs call for conversation – or just curling up to read a good book…

fall mantel decor

Classic fall colors in this bedroom and perfect placing. So warm and inviting.

fall bedroom

Wrapping up this fall home decor roundup, here is an autumn flower arrangement that you can place anywhere in your home where you want. Click on the picture for instructions if you want to make something like this for yourself!

floral arrangements

Decorating your home inspired by these home tours will make loving your home easy. Small, affordable projects that are a great way to start with.

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Fall home decor
Fall home decor
Home decor for Fall
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