Decorating Your Home for Spring

Spring is fastly approaching and I’m so happy because this is my favorite season. I love seeing nature coming to life again, buds and blooms and Spring sunshine and all that. Nothing compares to it. While spending time outdoors and enjoying the springing nature you can bring Spring into your home, too, by decorating for Spring. There are many different ways to do that and now I’d love to share my favorite Spring decor ideas with you.

Before we go on, I have two requests for you.

#1. Please, please do click through for more details about these gorgeous Spring decorated homes. You’ll be totally inspired.

I’ll share my other request at the end of this post but don’t jump there if you don’t want to miss out on this meaty round-up.

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Decorate with Flowers and Plants

The #1 go-to Spring decor element is bringing flowers and seasonal greenery indoors. My all-time favorite Spring flower is tulips. I love ALL Spring flowers but if I have to pick one for whatever reason I will always pick tulips. Any kind of tulips. So you won’t be surprised to see tons of tulips in this post. Mines are only 2 inches out of the soil yet, so I share those that inspire me in the online world.

I love these Spring flower bulbs in the mason jars. Watching the life of flowers through the glass is powerful and lifts up the spirit. It has a different dimension than growing in pots and soil. It grabs the soul.

Also, see the yellow tulips in the sisal basket? It brightens up the room.

Once again, mason jars but this time with cut tulips. A must-have element.

These slender glasses with one tulip in each – so serene.

If you click through to this blog, you’ll find many more tulip arrangements and bouquets. Heaven for tulip lovers.

Ok. Let’s get away from these beauties and see what other flowers can bring Spring into your home. But I promise you’ll see some more tulips later on.

I love this little greenery vignette from Lucy at She uses some of my favorite plants like an olive tree and ivy. She also uses natural elements like moss and eggs in a nest to make a perfect, tranquil composition that lives longer than Spring lasts. This is an evergreen living vignette for decorating your home not only for Spring.

This faux topiary olive tree is another evergreen that you can DIY for your Spring decor and then use it throughout the year. (I had to put it in here because I love olive trees and plan to buy my real ones to guard our entrance. Till then I might make a couple of these just in case.)

Another one of my favorites is lavender. Lavenders have many benefits in the home and out in the garden. I left mines at our previous house but will grow new ones from seeds this year to have around our current home, too. Lavenders are just the plants that I need to feel at home. They always bring the sparkle to my soul.

Lanterns are a staple in any home decor projects for any season or occasion. I love lanterns. Next, there are some ideas to incorporate them into your Spring home decorations.

First, there is lavender again. It seems a perfect combination.

These lanterns I dream of having in my home. Simple, classic and holds the message of life by keeping either plants or lights. (Nina’s home is one of the most inspiring ones. These lanterns are only the tip of the iceberg. Check it out!)

Would you tell it’s a faux floral arrangement? I wouldn’t. It looks so real. I love the pastel colors and the liveliness it represents. Just like Spring. Modest and bright.

Decorating for Spring with Natural Elements

You may apply ANY natural elements for decorating your home for Spring. Here are some examples of moss, nests, eggs, wood, and branches. And greenery of course. You’ve already seen some similar Spring decor ideas above but now focus on the natural elements.

And another lantern. And tulips. Do you need anything else? Naaah. I don’t think so.

Isn’t it gorgeous???

Smart made simple. And classy. The baskets and the wood grain give a lovely and warm texture to the place. The houseplant adds fresh color.

Honestly, I wouldn’t be able to make such a beautiful hearth decoration for a few more years with toddlers in the house, but I’ll certainly try when they’d stop picking compositions to elements and inspecting all this naturally charming Spring decoration. They’d be particularly interested in the eggs and feathers but there are even more interesting things here for adults, too.

Update Your Wreath

A wreath is another staple you can use to decorating for spring as well as any other season or holiday. These simple and beautiful wreaths invite Spring into your home and you can make it yourself. Click through for full descriptions.

Natural and floral. With this simply gorgeous hydrangea wreath you can use all three elements of Spring home decoration we’ve been talking about.

Eucalyptus wreath made easy.

A romantic floral wreath you can hang on your door to welcome visitors and guests. It’s so inviting.

A really cheerful grapevine wreath with peonies. Visit the for the video tutorial.

And of course a tulip wreath. We can’t live without. Hop over to Morgan to see how simple it is to make.

Decorate with Seasonal Accessories

Do you see the funny bunny? And the eggs? Look at the white pitcher with the twine on its neck! Oh, and that colorful pompom garland! Shall I mention the tulips and the evergreen wreath? Everything you need for decorating for Spring in one place.

This three-tiered tray talks for itself. See the buckets and bunny mugs! It screams Spring.

Well, planting into cups is a genius idea. It gives so much character to the place you dress it with and the books, too. It’s so so refreshing!

Pillows. We can’t leave pillows out of the game. Change the pillow covers for some bunny or floral printed ones and let them make you feel cozy. (However, my absolute take away from this arrangement is the sign. This is the sign I’m gonna get and put in my entryway, once it’s rebuilt. This sign tells it all I want to tell.)

I have some broken books I can’t get rid of. Now I’m glad I still have them and we can make a bunny garland like this with my girls. They definitely bring a feeling of Spring.

Use some gardening accessories. Like pots and tools. What would tell more about Spring than this? (Please check out this awesome mudroom at Nina’s!)

You can also age your pots for a more unique and elegant look.

Decorating for Spring with Printables

For seasonal wall decorating or for an addition to a vignette, use printables. A few of the loveliest free Spring printables. Hop over to get them.

I hope my favorite finds have inspired you to decorate your home for spring, too. Now, here is my other request, especially if you’re not a pro in decorating, yet:

#2. Go and implement one of these ideas in your home. Get a tulip bulb and put it in a mason jar. Print out one of the printables and place it somewhere in your home you see many times a day. Or try to put together a simple little vignette. Anything you like, just go and do one of these. You’ll feel instantly that Spring is at the door.

Thank you for reading!

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