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Time flies and fall kitchen decor is coming down so it’s time to make a Christmas kitchen decor round-up. Christmas is my favorite holiday and because I spend a decent amount of time in the kitchen, I really need to feel in there that Christmas is coming. Also, I must admit that I’m a bit more forgiving of my kitchen’s shortcomings when it’s telling me that Christmas is around the corner.

I love taking home tours on my favorite blogs, especially at this time of year and see the beautiful wreaths, ornaments, centerpieces, vignettes, – all the little details that make the place homey and inviting. They are so inspiring. So I share my inspiration board here with you, to help you find the most beautiful Christmas kitchen decor ideas.

As always, if you click on the images, you find very informative and detailed descriptions and even more pictures. It is really worth the click.

Red, White and Green Christmas Kitchen Decor

For me, the colors of Christmas are red, white, gold, and evergreen. I have to confess that I’ve never used any other color for my Christmas decor. I just can’t make myself change it. Having seen all these beautiful kitchens I’ll still stick to these colors and textures. Call me old-fashioned if you’d like! I consider myself traditional.

The kitchens you see here truly inspire me. About the first one, I particularly love the small wreaths on the cabinet doors. They give such a delicate look to the place. I like that the red so moderately measured is giving elegance to the place.

For white kitchens red with green touches is perfect. Or green with red touches? Anyway, both are Classicly Christmassy. What I like about this kitchen is that it also proves that less is more.

The lights! The accessory that I can’t live without either. They warm up the room so much. I also love Jenn’s printables. However, you can get her best tips on how to add simple Christmas touches to your kitchen when you click on the pic. Oh, and did you notice the cute little penguin? This kitchen is a great example that small things matter. Also, if you click on the caption you can see all Jenn’s Christmas posts.

This hutch is simply irresistible. It has everything to propagate Christmas time – wreaths, garland, evergreens, pop of reds – yet not too much. Natural and Christmassy. I really like the collections it holds, too.

I really like this home and its blog. This vintage Christmas decor is so adorable, but what I like most is the jars with cookie cutters and baking goods, and the wreaths hanging in the window, on the hood or above the mantel. They make the focal points, but all the small details make it complete.

All-natural Christmas Kitchen Decor

The other decor style that is really close to me is using nature and natural elements. I mix the two actually, variating the balance from time to time.

A farmhouse kitchen with tons of evergreen, and natural accents. The wooden textures give an awesome background to the greens and the gingerbread houses also perfectly fit in the style. The copper cookie cutters on display give a pop of glamour. I love the chalkboard wall with the white plate collection. It leads the eye.

What I love most about this kitchen is that the decor is built on permanent elements. Actually, adding some greens did the job. I love the garland on top of the cabinet and the little wreaths on the stools. Also, this is my favorite tablescape of the season with the simple olive leaf garland and unique bottle candle holders.

I keep getting back to these small wreaths and evergreens. They are simply scrumptious and make this kitchen classic and elegant, just as the copper accessories (click the cation for the coppers). The occasional fine pop of red here and there finetune the whole and make it playful. For a delicate use of gold, walk through the dining room, too.

Another beautiful example of simple natural Christmas decor. The perfect combination of wood and green. They are so calming, aren’t they?

All-natural Christmas Decor with Pops of Red

Finally, here are two perfect mixes of red and natural in these vintage farmhouse kitchens. They are very different yet very similar. The secret is in the details – head over and see.


You might have noticed that most of these beauties are farmhouse kitchens. I’ve realized that my inspiration boards contain mostly farmhouse interiors. I love all those farmhouse traits and the incredible flexibility it allows. For me, this style is the warmest, coziest, the most inviting – expressing me the most.

I hope you enjoyed this little round-up just as much as I loved putting it together! Please, give big cheers to the awesome bloggers who showed and shared their homes!


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