How to Decorate Your Kids’ Room for Christmas

Children are the most excited about Christmas. Christmas decor is very important for kids. They love it all around the home but truly appreciate it if we let them dress up their room with the holiday spirit, too. Helping your children decorate their room for Christmas will make this time of year even more special and memorable for them than it is already.

Decorating in a kids’ room doesn’t have to cost a fortune. The point is to make the children happy with simple Christmas decorations and craft ideas.

Simple Christmas decor ideas for kids

You can decorate anything in the children’s room but first, you should pick a festive color scheme. The classic red and green with some white is the best to get in the holiday spirit for kids. Of course, it can be a different color scheme, matching the decor all around the house.

When you’ve chosen the color scheme, you can start to make plans for what you’re going to decorate and how.

As always, I’ve used the best resources I could possibly find to illustrate the ideas I share here with you. If you click on the images, you find very informative and detailed descriptions and even more pictures. It is really worth the click. In this post, there are over 30 suggested clicks. I warned you.


Decorating the doors for Christmas is one of the easiest ways to feel the holiday spirit. There are many different ways to do this.

Put up a door hanger of some kind, or a personalized Christmas sign welcoming your child to their very own winter wonderland.

Create your own wreath for the door. You can make out of nearly anything like paper, cones, cork or pompoms like this:

Or if you want even more simplicity, tape your child’s favorite wrapping paper to the front of their bedroom door to look like an oversized present. Or take pre-adhesive bows and stick them to the surface of the door. For an extra touch of style, vary the sizes of the bows and use a unique arrangement or pattern. 

Every child would love to have a snowman as their door. Check out this video to see how to make it.

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Decorate the windows with a festive and unique winter scene. Let the children cut out Christmas snowflakes, stars, tree and reindeer shapes from Christmas related scrapbook papers or tissue paper and stick them to the window glass. This simple technique looks best as kids’ Christmas window decor. 

Add some pretty winter snowflakes to your child’s window or hang them around the room using some cotton yarn. Simply fold a sheet of white or colored paper into quarters or eighths and cut patterns along the folded edges and outer edge, then open up to see your snowflake.

I also love to hang some ornaments in the windows and use some stickers or decals.


The most simple wall to decorate is the chalkboard wall. Draw or let the children draw anything Christmassy, hang some lights and you’re done. Very friendly and inviting.

A must-have Christmas decor in a kids’ room is an Advent Calendar feature wall. Twenty-four days full of anticipation seem like an eternity for a child. Help them countdown with an Advent Calendar. There are many ways to do this, and one of them is creating a feature wall to displaying a fun count-down system.

An Advent Calendar can be made with a thousand different materials in any version, like scraps, fabric, paper, cardboard. Number small cloth bags, socks or wrapped boxes, fill them with small toys or goodies, and hang them in your child’s room.  The sky is the limit here. There are a billion ways to create anticipation for Santa’s arrival.

Obviously, it doesn’t have to be placed on the wall but that’s probably the most convenient option so therefore I put this idea here in the wall section.

Another simple Christmas wall decor for kids is putting up some printables. I especially like the personalized ones. It is something like keepsake ornaments. If you don’t do those, you definitely should do these:


Beddings and pillows are perfect to demonstrate your color scheme. A nicely stuffed bed can be the focal point of the room.

If your child has a nice framed bed, use small wreaths, stockings or garlands to decorate it.

There is no Christmas time without stockings. My observation is that children definitely prefer to have theirs close to them. It looks nice on the mantel, but let them have one in their rooms, as well.


Give your child’s room its own Christmas tree and let them decorate it their own way.

If the room is not big enough for a tree, just make a twig tree on the wall and decorate with lights and small ornaments.

You can also place branches in a pot and let your child decorate them how they like.  Ideas for decorations include colorful shatterproof baubles, fairy lights, ribbons, bows, paper chains and snowflakes taped to cotton.  The pot can also be decorated too – try wrapping with Christmas paper or shiny parcel ribbon

For smaller children make a felt Christmas tree and hang it on the wall with felt decorations. To attach to the tree, again and again, is a fun and easy activity. If you don’t want to make your own version of it pick up some from amazon.


Holiday garlands add a festive touch wherever they’re hung even in a kids’ room. They can be inexpensive to buy or fun to make. Use pom-poms, tassels, cut-outs or anything you have at your hands to create a festive hanging decoration.

Some felt and clothespins make wonders.

Paper chains can be wrapped around furniture, hung from shelves, curtain rods, attached to the ceiling or even used to make a Christmas tree wall hanging.


Children love lights and Christmas is not Christmas without lights, so why not arrange some to give a more warm touch to the kids’ room? This one looks awesome.

For some smaller lights make lanterns with your kids. There are many ways and materials to do it. Use safe battery-powered candles for the light. They are available from most supermarkets. Set the lanterns on shelves and windowsills.

Christmas crafts for kids to decorate

Let your children get creative and make some holiday decorations for their room. Crafting their own decoration gives them a great opportunity to use their imagination and try out their decoration skills. Let them go wild, after all, it’s their room!

These paper Santa lanterns are easy to make even with preschoolers. You can hang them or place them on the windowsill.

Make these elegant snowflake ballerinas with your girls. Cut a ballerina shape from a white paper (there are plenty of outlines to print on the web) and position it in the middle of a paper snowflake.  Hang the ballerinas from the ceiling, shelves or chandeliers using fishing line or fine twine.

snowflake ballerinas

This cotton wool snowman is easy to make with small ones and it makes a perfect wall decor or a new piece in the kids’ art gallery. Or it can be a gift too.

Christmas decor double as activities for kids

Display some kids’ friendly or toy nativity. It’s not only Christmas decor but Christmas activity, too. Children love it and it helps to instill the Christmas story in them.

Use trains, nutcrackers, stuffed animals for winter decorations. You might even upgrade them with white cotton or fake snow.

Another very important activity for kids is reading. Swap the regular books for their favorite Christmas stories and read to them every day.

Get some Christmas toys for the playroom. This sweet cookie set is a perfect choice but you can get Christmas Lego bricks and Playmobil sets too. Kids love that! Older kids may add some Christmas board games to their collection.

Seasonal or holiday dressed stuffed animals, dolls are another Christmas activity for your children. Let them use scarfs, mittens, hats. They can even take them on a sled ride. How cute!

Don’t forget the Christmas PJs! In a Christmas decorated kids’ room, all the activities are more fun in matching PJs. Make them a part of your family’s Christmas traditions!

You don’t need big things to decorate your children’s rooms at Christmas. A few simple, budget-friendly, well-orchestrated details with a little imagination, and you will make your kids’ room unique.

A project like this helps everybody to build connections not only between each other but with the place they call home, too. If you seek for ways to love your home more, jump on the Christmas train and decorate with your kids their rooms.

love your home

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