Beautiful Home Beautiful Life Summit – My Review

So, it happened last week that the Beautiful Home Beautiful Life summit took place, hosted by Tasha Agruso of Kaleidoscope Living

This is my personal review of the summit.

*Please don’t expect an objective tone from me. I’m still under the influence of this summit. But I do give you away my unbiased thoughts on this “event of the year” of the home blogging world.

**Some thoughts are more understandable for bloggers than readers. I apologize for those thoughts in italics if you aren’t a blogger. There won’t be too much, I promise.

***This post does NOT contain any affiliate links and I will NOT get any commission if you make a purchase through any of the links. These are purely my own thoughts and opinion to help you decide if you want to learn more about creating a beautiful home and a beautiful life. 

Finding the Beautiful Home Beautiful Life Summit

If I remember correctly, one day a promoted post popped up in my Facebook feed that caught my eye. Not only because of the message that is so similar to mine but because of its colorful, vivid design. The logo was so capturing right away. I don’t normally click on promoted posts in any of my social accounts or Pinterest, but this time there was no way to skip that post. Reading on, soon I found this line: “loving your home is CRUCIAL to your happiness” and felt … – how shall I phrase it? The best word is probably shocked because I had never heard of Tasha and Kaleidoscope Living before, though her message seemed to be so similar to mine. Well, a part of her message, because she has much more than that, I believe. I don’t know if I would have heard about this summit otherwise but probably not because there was no other way I’d heard about it.

(I kept wondering: how could that be possible that I had never heard of her? So I’ve checked her site and it ranks for totally different keywords than mine and those of her summit’s. No wonder G or P never showed me her site.)  

How the Summit Worked

Anyway, I signed up and after some self-debate, I decided to stick to the free version of the summit that contained 24-hour access to the sessions. It seemed totally doable and I’d thought I’d watch one or two sessions each day, anyway. Honestly, my plan to squeeze in one or two sessions a day went out the window on the second day. So eventually I did watch as many of the videos as I possibly could within 24 hours on the second and third day. There’s been an option to purchase an all-access-pass with bonuses from the very first moment for a super-duper low price, but I didn’t make the purchase. Probably this is the one and only thing I regret about the summit – but it was my decision! (The price slightly went up during the summit and reached the final price after the summit. You still can buy it if you want to. *Spoiler: Best investment of the year on your home.*)

My Thoughts on the Summit

I have a few things to tell you about the Beautiful Home Beautiful Life summit to help you decide if it’s worth the price or not, or if you missed it this time and can’t make a purchase now but are curious if you should join next time – if Tasha would host a summit again. (You should Tasha! *wink*)

In full honesty, not only Tasha, but most of the speakers were totally new to me with fresh-to-me messages, though they’re all really well-known bloggers, speakers, coaches with awesome messages and content, and all of them have tens or even hundreds of thousands of followers. However, I’m glad I had the chance to meet them and I certainly have quite a few new favorite bloggers now. They’re all very kind and nice and endearing. I loved them! They just make you want to be friends with them. And guess what! They’re totally up to that! (If you keep reading you’ll find out who are my new favorites.)

This is the place where I should point out to both blog creators and consumers that video does make a huge difference. It’s totally different to read someone’s blog or see their videos. Two very different ways to learn about and from them. My belief is that you need both, but 3 minutes of a video tells you more about the person than reading hundreds of their posts with a profile picture that captures only one moment of their lives and only a snippet of their personality. (It may seem scary to make videos but if you want to get closer to your audience and build real relationships with them, you should make at least an introductory video for them to see the real you. You might find that it’s not that scary after all.)

My Take-Away From the Beautiful Home Beautiful Summit


Not only I was inspired but their best ideas evoke even more ideas in me about how to implement the things I was learning about in my own life and circumstances. Putting it simply: it was three days of overflowing inspiration.


They made me believe that I can do it. Yes. Usually, I’m a bit short of confidence but not during and since the summit. Their confidence and deep wells of knowledge were so taking that I couldn’t help but feel the same or at least similar confidence. They’ve shared their bests and gave tools and how-tos away (for free!) so it isn’t vain confidence. It’s real.

Taking Action

It was kind of funny that while watching/listening to the videos I caught myself that I actually started doing quite a few things that I’d been supposed to do for months, maybe even for years but had kept procrastinating for different reasons. These interviews and workshops inspired me to take action. If this were my ONLY takeaway, even then it would have been worth it. 

Visual Impressions

The kind that shapes the right mindset. We’ve seen beautiful, REAL homes, not the insta-staged ones, or the HGTV ones. This was a refreshing, exciting and inspiring experience. Seeing these makes any dream home more approachable and having the mess we have right now more acceptable. Seeing real homes gives hope and makes the necessary and unavoidable give-and-takes reasonable. They make you believe that overcoming obstacles is so possible. They prove that mindset is everything. Tactics are not enough, systems are not enough, – it all starts with the right mindset. Seeing real people with real examples was a huge part of the success of this summit, I believe. It certainly took a lot of pressure off of me about not having an insta-worthy home, anyway.

Techniques, Tactics, and How-Tos

Tons of tips on how to actually get things done. I mentioned this before, but I have to make it an individual point. This summit was packed with practical help in organizing, home decor, budgeting, planning and everything they talked about – and there was a lot they talked about. In fact, I think they touched each side of the cube.

All these practical tips make a huge part in finding taking action easy. Having all the knowledge, tools, systems, tactics in your pocket offers you a sense of power over procrastination, cluelessness, indecisiveness, etc. It just makes you wanna take action. 

+ Subscriptions to Email Lists

I’m not telling you which lists I’ve subscribed to, just yet. I have the habit of subscribing to email lists in the home niche, following them for at least a month or rather two months, and then inspect and evaluate them, and see if I wanna stay on the list. To be honest, eventually, I hardly stay on 10% of the lists, though mostly I do stay a follower of their blogs and social accounts. I’m really curious how this series of subscriptions will turn out this time. I’ll let you know and recommend the best ones. Right now it’s a bit overwhelming and I’m terribly behind the emails, but I’m working on catching up. So let’s get back to this in two months’ time, ok? 

beautiful home beautiful life summit

My New Favorite People

Though I’m not telling you the email lists now I’m part of, but I do tell you who are my new favorite people after the Beautiful Home, Beautiful Life summit. (No, the lists are not the same!)

Rosemarie Groner, The Busy Budgeter 

She talked about How ANYONE Can Get and Keep Their House Clean for GOOD.

Well, she’s my best find if I may say with all respect to all the other awesome bloggers I met. And now I have to give away my little secret that her list was the first I subscribed to. Despite the promise I just made that I’d tell you about the lists in two months’ time, I highly recommend already that you subscribe, too – especially if you’re a messy, type B person, or have a messy bunch of kids as I do. You’ll love her stuff, I promise! Her message found me just at the right time and I already can tell that it helps me tremendously on a daily basis. If you want to get rid of the mess in your home, learn from Rosemary! I also watched a live webinar with her since the summit, and she is so amazing. I loved how fluently she led her webinar without a hesitant moment, LIVE!, and packed several hundreds of us with real value. Yes, she was live, for real. Not the fake or so-called “live” that tons of bloggers do. She was LIVE live – for nearly two hours! She is awesome. Hop over to her and see for yourself!

Abby Rike, 

She talked about Why Loving Your Home Matters, Especially When You’re Grieving.

Abby has a very emotional story that places everything – your home, your family, your life – into another, a new perspective. If you’re having a hard time in your life right now and don’t know how to get over it, you must listen to her story and her message. It’s very powerful.

Megan Sumrell, Work + Life Harmony

She talked about How to Create Time in Your Schedule to Work on Home Projects.

She has great action steps to plan and execute a home project, or any project actually. I wish I could hear her once again. I couldn’t take everything in at first listening. All-access-pass!!!

Bre Bertolini, Brepurposed 

She talked about How to Update an Outdated Home.

I had to listen to this interview because we’re in the same project: desperate to update our outdated fixer-upper. It was so worth and encouraging to hear her story. She was one of the ladies that totally made me believe that it’s possible to create a dream home out of anything actually. 

Charlotte Smith, At Charlotte’s House

She talked about Designer Decorating on a Cheetos Budget.

Charlotte has a sparkling personality and I loved her approach to home projects: you don’t have to spend a lot of money, and you’re allowed to change things up from time to time, you don’t have to plan for decades. Be flexible and be creative and spend reasonably. She’s so right!

Ashley Mills, The Handmade Home

She talked about Easy Ways to Create a Colorful Home.

Colors can make or break your home. Honestly, I remember very little about the details of this session, mostly because I made a mistake and visited their website while watching the video. I was fascinated by their work and by Ashley’s personality. I just have to learn more about them and from them. (They work in their business with her husband.)

Heather Thibodeau, Heathered Nest

She talked about How to Customize a Builder Grade Home on Any Budget.

Giving a plain house some character can be challenging. We struggle with this, too, so I needed to hear her thoughts and they gave me a lot of inspiration and confidence. It’s time to take action and make plans and set deadlines.

Yes, it’s totally possible to get to this point with these ladies. I told you that listening to their messages gives you a sense of power over procrastination, cluelessness, indecisiveness. It surely does.
Last but not least:

Tasha Agruso, Kaleidoscope Living

She hosted the summit and did the interviews. I can’t even imagine the amount of work, time and energy she must have put into this. She did a tremendous job! In fact, I’ve heard and seen her the most. By day three, I almost felt that maybe a little too much, but I must admit that this was the best way she could make the most out of this summit and share the message. Her insights and point out questions were the common threads in the interviews and messages. She did a splendid job. She also had several different videos herself, all with great values, but I couldn’t pick any of them right now. 

So this is my list and it contains only half of the speakers. I missed at least 5 of them, so it’s quite possible that this list would be even longer if I had more time to watch all the sessions, or made the all-access-pass purchase early on. 

Bonus thoughts

I have one final observation that will have more meaning to bloggers rather than anyone else, so feel free to skip this. 

After compiling this list and doing some closer observation, I’ve come to an interesting realization. All the sessions listed here were interviews. (There were a few sessions that were workshop videos sent in by the speakers.) So basically, I’m finding that I loved the interviews most. Probably because beyond the value, they made a very strong personal impact by interacting with Tasha. So, my best guess is that to make the strongest impact on your audience, you should do interviews and interact with people in front of your audience. I wonder if I’ll ever find any other way that can make such a deep impact.


Do I recommend you buying an all-access-pass to the Beautiful Home Beautiful Life summit?

Yes. Definitely. (Remember? I do NOT get any commissions if you decide to do so.) If you want a beautiful home to have a beautiful life and need help to create it, you certainly should.

Is it worth the price? 

In my opinion, it is. I know you can only decide for yourself when you’re in already, but I spend my money very carefully, having read tons of reviews on the given subject, so you may believe me: if you’re in any need for help to create your beautiful home, you won’t regret it.

These three days were packed with great value and moved me toward a much-needed transformation in my life. Probably this summit found me at the right time which has a lot to do with how I see it. I don’t know if it finds you at the right time, but if it does, you should get this resource for yourself. If you’re at a different stage of life, feel free to walk by for now, but leave yourself a sign to find your way back when you need it. 

Have fun!

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