You have a place you call Home. A place that determines who you are. A place that reflects who you are. Your home is a major component of your everyday settings and a reflection of the things that are important for you. 

Your children grow up in the home you create, so it determines their lives, as well. Being aware of this raises the stakes. Without settling for less, it’s to be a haven of rest, a place where everyone enjoys being.

There is no question that you have the ability to create a home that’s the best for you and your family. A place that you love, where you and your family are happy. It’s far more than four walls decorated. The walls are only some of the pieces you’ve got to work with. 

Just like anything in life, you have to work for what you want. You have to put your own blood, sweat, and tears into it – if you do, that makes your home invaluable. Not the money you invest in it. Instead, when you invest effort and emotional energy in the place you have, you’ll feel that love coming back to you: by filling your home’s love bank, your love bank gets filled, too. Once you settle on improving your Home one way or another, you’ll be free of the distressing and negative feelings and will fall in love with your home again. Make it yours, and then be proud of what you have!

The effort doesn’t have to be big or cost a ton of money. A few simple and budget-friendly adjustments can change the entire atmosphere of your home and make it easy to love. The secret is in doing the right things. I’ll help you figure out what you need to do to find that love you want to turn to your home with and nurture it every day.

You are the one who can make your home a haven – if you know how. Let me help you find out!

love your home
love your home


I’m Kamilla. A passionate home creator.

A wife, and also mom to 10 kids.

We have a messy and noisy but loving and work-in-progress home. Just at the right spot in the world. I love the place where we live, but I’m still working on improving and beautifying everything I can get my hands on. Including my attitude.